First, sorry for my english. Dispicte all of the technical problems that we all know, i love the concept of the game, this battleroyal with PVE elements. When Hunt Showdown came out I thought that if someone make that into a BR game,
would be great.
Thats what i love about this game, but for what i saw from playing it, the PVE so far is not well implemented.
In Hunt Showdown the real danger for players are other players. The NPC, without being harmless, are there to force the players to develop strategies as they move along.
For example, if you come across a NPC, you could killem without taking too mutch risk. But to do so, you could make noises, such as gunfire, that would reveal your position.
If you have to go from point A to B, and in the middle you have NPC, you could take the risk of kill them exposing you to other players in order to get to B faster, or you could go arround them, slowing down. Its like the PVE part sets the pace of the game.
For this they have to make changes. Increase amount of NPC, improbe AI, improbe sound (critically), amoung other things. Basically I suggest developers to take a look to Hunt Showdown, and take ideas from there. They have nailed the PVE elements of the game, i think.