Leaving Blood bowl 2 again

I decided to leave BB2 again.

All the talk about the resurrection mode... I was waiting for it. Nothing came.

I will not return to BB2 until there will be an official Cabalvision resurrection leauge with spp and money gain.

My last day of BB2: Made a Ogre team. After a record of 2-1-1 two of my ogres got killed by a claw mighty blow chaos goat. In the same half.
I made a new ogre team, one ogre was killed in the 2nd block in the 2nd half. Nothing to do with ogres, but they are armor 9 at least and the 2nd match was without claws.

I am tired of rerolling teams due to big losses (highly random losses).
I am tired of just suddenly facing TV 400+ teams and your guys gets crushed with permanent injuries and death.

I love the grinding of skill and developing your team.

Some kick off events are totally unbalanced and ruin 1/5 of my matches. Inducements don't work. 100k = 1 reroll = 5 block skills?? NO!

But a real big res leauge would have made me stay and love the game. I can handle unbalanced kick offs, but not my players dying for nothing, players that I love and like to grind. Sorry. I think it's the deaths of players that is the worst. No deaths and keep the rest? It's still blood bowl...

Bye, and maybe we see each other again folks.

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Bye bye
Have fun and see you back in 3 month

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