Hi everyone,

Our hardcore action RPG The Surge is set to be enriched even further with the release of a major new expansion: A Walk in the Park, coming December 5th to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the run-up to release, we'd like to present you some of the most iconic enemies you'll face in A Walk in the Park!

Time to introduce the Search & Rescue team!


CREO World is an amusement park built by CREO for its employees and their families. Forget your cravings for cotton candy though – CREO World was not spared from the disaster!

CREO's contingency plan in case an unforeseeable accident is the Search & Rescue team. Sent to CREO World to investigate about the recent incident, its members have gone insane, as the vast majority of CREO exoskeleton workers! As Warren, you'll have to find potential survivors in CREO World and learn more about the cause of this sudden madness.


The Search & Rescue team wear the EAGLE gear set, a light, strong, and durable gear designed for swiftly moves. The EAGLE armor improves healing injectables and you can, if you walk quietly, sneak behind the S&R team members to heal with the health injector in their back.

See you soon for more info about our upcoming DLC A Walk in the Park!

The Surge: Complete Edition and A Walk in the Park will be available December 5th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.