How do you create your map to have a feel that is in 'The Bog'?

With hours of just countless playing around in the editor, I have not found a way to make your custom maps look like the theme in 'The Bog'
Take a look at this photo and this picture to get an idea of what i mean. I really want to have that you know, that Fall, or Autum theme.

@riskywisky That one link doesn't work. Here is a pic from my map. Is this what you want? alt text
alt text
alt text

YESS i love that grass i just dont know how to do it

and the bushes idk how to do it

Oh, you're just wanting the reddish autumny textures?

Yea, the ones that are on the bushes and smalltrees, these textures are on even stock maps.

You can use the tool "Tint" to change the colour of the textures. It changes the colour of the ground and plants, even rocks.
I think that is the way to get this autum look.

No, I tried it, and no luck. I just don't know how they do it.

The new editor maps terrain has a little option Saying 'Mutator' under the map sizes
write aut ( just three lower case letters) in the box to the right of this, this will trigger the editor to load the autumn textures.
You will have to reconstruct the level or even restart the editor and then reconstruct.

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I put in the mutator box 'abc' and it doesn't work. I even tried to actually put 'just three lower case letters' writting it out. My map is a 20x20, making it a 40x40. Am i doing something wrong? My texture is the grass to grass texture as well.

Wait i now put 'aut' and it works, thanks for the tips guys!

Now it is not working, great lol

This is quite cool, is there any other mutators available?

It works now and thanks guys! (i put a space in front of aut lol)

@RoughRider That is sweet looking map can i download it somewhere?

@woodingot I don't want to post maps up -- for everyone while they aren't supported. I suppose I can give you a download link sometime.

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