PS4 - Internal Server Error

I just recently upgraded to Legendary and it seemed to work fine for a few days. After a particular match that was tied and ended it just kept trying to update with the server to get the results/stats as usual. However this time it just kept trying to update with no results for experience, new match, etc.

I tried to reboot the game and now it keeps wanting to connect but shows the Internal Server Error message. I'm connected online fine with my PS4 nothing wrong with connection. It even shows my playstation ID with "online" below. I've looked at some advice you gave for Steam users but nothing for PS4.

I deleted the game, all the saves, online storage saves and reinstalled BB2 but after getting the whole agreement accepted, Legendary intro, it still gives the same Internal Server Error.

This has never happened in the past before the Legendary update. I also have the latest patch.

Please advise for PS4 users, btw great game!

Focus Team

Hello, can you send me your save files please?

  1. Plug an USB key (formatted in FAT or exFAT) into the PS4.
  2. Press the PlayStation Button
  3. Select 'Settings' then 'Application Saved Data Management'.
  4. Select 'Saved Data in System Storage'.
  5. Select 'Copy to USB Storage Device'.
  6. Select 'Blood Bowl 2'.
  7. Select the savegame then press X.
  8. Choose 'Copy' then press X.

From a PC:

  1. Insert the USB key.
  2. Right click on the folder 'PS4' from the USB key and click 'Send To' then 'Compressed (zipped) folder'.
  3. Send the '' file in attachment to (if the file is too heavy you can use instead)



HI there, I just sent you the save file as instructed. Please keep me posted thanks.

@focus_guillaume Hi there I haven't heard from you or any solution. The game is still unplayable.

Still no solution?

Definitely will not be recommending game or buying further DLC.

It was fun while it lasted.

Community Manager

Hi, the update is built and we're currently testing it on PS4 and Xbox One. We detected some performance issues and are currently evaluating if it can be adjusted quickly.

We still aim at a December release, meaning a very close deadline because Sony and Microsoft are in hollidays the last week of the year (and we need their approval on the updates before it goes live).

Thank you, looking forward to Blood Bowling again!

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