Need Performance Optimization


The Game is great. But it need Performance Optimization. I got a i7-6700 with 8 Gigs of RAM and a GTX960 4GB and the Game dont run very well. I know its not Highend but for sure no lowend. Any other guys have Performance Problems?

are you playing in 4k or 1440 with that 960 if so drop it to 1080.

Nope im playing in 1080p. Even on 720p the Game is extremly lagging.

I agree with you, I have an i5-3470, 6 GB ram, and a R9 270X. I know this setup isn't new, but I can play newer games with it in 1080p with 60fps, so not that bad either.

I have a brand new PC with an i7 processor 250GB ssd with a GTX 1070 and on high settings I get dips on my FPS from 80fps to 12fps. Completely unplayable unless I run it on low settings with 50% resolution. Game is in need of some optimizations. It’s really very ugly but the only way I can play without frustration.