Xbox One External Storage Question

Okay I admit that this is more of an Xbox One question than a Mudspinner question but has anyone had experience using external memory on an Xbox One?
I want to store my video grabs and screenshots on an external storage.
I tried a USB 3.0 memory stick formated as NTFS but my Xbox One says it isn't fast enough.
I've considered connecting a USB 3.0 hard drive to my Xbox One but not if I'm going to get the same message.

3 TB 2.5" external USB 3.0 HDD is what I use. Required specs should be listed on Xbox website (minimum capacity, etc.). Just be sure to plug it into the blue USB3.0 port on the backside of the console, as I believe the front/side ports are only USB2.0.

I had tried a 32 gig USB 3.0 memory stick. First I received a warning that it wasn't formatted for NTSF. I formatted it for NTFS then it told me that the stick wasn't big enough.

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