Upfront my specs:
16gb RAM 1600
Asrock z68Pro3
Samsung 850EVO 500GB
WIN7 64
Geforce 1060 6GB

  1. General Impressions
    I like the idea and the surival aspect of the game, the setting is nice and your idea about the endzone seems appealing.
    Âlso I think the dimension of the map is ok. However, to me it seems that until now the wolves (as they are in even in the title of the game) dont play any significant role, apart form the scenario, when the player is surrounded by anomalies and is stressed anyway (probably AI / pathfinding problem). The different anomalies are really well made and create a very nice immersion effect.

  2. Weapons
    The handling of the weapons is nice. For me, there are two main issues with the weapons, namely balancing and sound of the weapons, when being shot from an enemy.
    Firstly, Iit seems to me that shotguns are underpowered. Its kind of strange when you shoot an enemy close range 8 times with a shotgun and the enemy doesn't die despite not having good armor or helmet. On the other hand, the VSS is super powerful compared to that and you can kill an enemy almost any distance.
    Secondly, the shots of enemies are sometimes super silent and in general the sound when being hit by an enemy is too quietm, barely noticeable sometimes.

  3. Graphics and performance
    The graphics are nice in general (concerning the surroundings and environment). The characters and wolves look a bit odd though. On my computer (being more on the lowhand side) the game has many fps drops, which seem to occur randomly. FPS-wise it doesnt matter, if I use LOW oder MEDIUM settings, fps are basically the same (between 100 and 10- average being approx 50). However, on low settings the game looks really terrible.
    In general, some colours seem to intense to me, e.g. the purple plants on the ground in some areas of the map.

  4. Gameplay
    The movement is ok, however, collision with obstacles, and jumping over them sometimes doesnt work properly.
    What I really dislike is the movement of the character's head during sprint. The left-right-wobbling of the head/body is far too intense. I keep asking myself if I am drunk of if its the game. Even after a couple of rounds, it didnt get used to it.
    I also find that there should be a bit more loot in general. For each proper gun, one finds approx 10 pistols. Also vests, pants and higher tier stuff seems to be quite rare.
    What makes the game really unplayble for me now is the sound of the footsteps. Firstly the sound doesnt recall a footstep at all, but what is far more important is the fact, that it is almost impossible to tell the distance, direction etc of footsteps or to even differentiate between enemy and own footsteps.

I hope you guys keep on working on the game and dont release it to early. It would be a shame if you waste the game's potential.