Hi Guys and FTW Team,

I think the Beta ( or more like Alpha ) should be extended for 1 or 2 Weeks and Take 1,2,3 Months more for Development until you bring it Early Access. Its a nice game no question but it need much polish. The Footsteps are are a bit weird. When an enemy is running 10-15 meters in front of me it sounds like he is 1m behind me. The Doors dont have Open/Close sound and we need this! Also the Gunshots from enemys are bad to hear i dont know from where they shoot exactly. The Rain Sound, Music is too loud compared to the Gun Shots etc. And the Performance/ Optimization is bad.

But anyway i love this Game already! I cant wait for more Updates. But pls as i said... wait for Early Access Release and take your time to polish or you will bury this game.