Tour de France: Patch 5


Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce that today sees the release of Patch 5 for Le Tour de France.

In today's patch, European PS4 players will see a number of issues addressed.


  • New jerseys for Team Sky and Lotto NL-Jumbo
  • Major bug fix: A problem where tenured riders were replaced by substitute riders in the in-game roster, without warning the player.
  • AI improvements
  • Minor other fixes

Known issues:

  • The new jerseys do not appear in menus, only in-game and on the podium, this will be fixed in a later patch
  • The fix replacing players is not retroactive. Players will need to delete their progression in Pro Team or Pro Leader mode to apply this fix, and restart a new game.

We currently expect this patch to hit Xbox One next couple of weeks.

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Xbox in the next couple of weeks? thats pretty vague. so PS4>xbox patchwise?
Is the roster bug fixed when you have more than 8 riders?

This Morning i found XBox one,
this Update with New Jersey of TEAM SKY ! Well done!!

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