a brief review

earlier in battle royale did not play, therefore, it is not comparable.I liked the game and there were no special censures.I just would like to see more of something Ukrainian, because somehow it's not very similar to Ukraine.add at least some posters with inscriptions in the Ukrainian language or inscriptions.
-I would like to see a laser sight in the game, if it is possible.
-Regarding tansport, it would be nice to add a motorcycle. For solo playing the very thing and it would be variety
-About the weather. The storm with the rain is very like, but quickly ends it would like it to last longer.but the fog on the other hand is very tiring, personally me.

and most importantly - optimization. There are big forces on it

but in general, you are good. Develop the game and do not stop (the competition for this genre is increasing) and everything will work out. Good luck to you

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