Camera and Diff Lock

Hi folks 🙂

I've been playing this lately, and two things that bother me are the camera and some "bugs" with diff locks.

The camera is not the best. There are some maps you can't just get that angle to see what you need. It should be me free, let you move the camera more freely, so you could get to that sweet spot where you can see perfectly what's ahead of you.

About the diff lock, I've noticed that in some trucks (maybe all?) the diff lock doesn't always behaves as it should. Sometimes I have a wheel spinning more than another even with diff lock on.


It's because this feature is not available for front axle in hardcore. Try providing ground, or play one casual map.

Edit: Yeah, so all wheel diff lock is available only in casual mode. There is a lot of topics here about this and about camera too. Just look at the right corner, you can see the "magnifying glass", and type to search diff lock or camera.

Nice day!

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