My feedback

Hello, I hope I'm posting this in the correct section of the forum.

So, I've played this game about 80 minutes, and what I have to say:

  • for some reason, vehicles is incrediably laggy - I can normally move in the game, but when I'm enter into vehicle, it performs like I have ~1000 ping - everything is stuttering.

  • sounds - I've played with headphones, and sound was weird - my own footsteps sounds like someone following me and trying to stab or something, also I can't understand position of sounds - if someone walking or shooting above, or below - it's not possible to figure out.

  • hands animation a little bit buggy - sometimes it looks like I'm holding "air shotgun" - so I don't have actual weapon, but see a hands positioned for this weapon.

  • game pace is a bit too fast I think - I can't even explore a village or city - it's already red zone and I have to run

  • game UI (looting, inventory system) is a bit confusing

  • I'm really love spectator mode - when peoples watching your gameplay and "liking" it

  • when game ends (helicopter, extraction, etc) - I have serious problems with performance

BUT! I think this game have a potential - it's really interesting to play, even in this early stage of development

Good luck guys!

I dont know what your talking about game being to fast pace are you kidding??? to me the game looks a little too slow and could use some speeding up alot of people end up playing a running simulator which is not fun. if you think this game is face pace go check out islands of nyne that game is incredible.

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