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Hello everyone thought id start putting some of my dev page stuff on here of what ive been workng on alot lately with Tanks

Bad Noobs King Tiger...a gift form him long time ago and been doing alot of work and love with it ever since

It has real physics tracks unlike anything else ever done in spintires unlike the t-90 spintank 2011 demo years ago which was mostly animated tracks not all physics based

So over that time its gone through alot of stuff xml wise and looks which i will show here below

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so little mechanical background on this lovely creation ...The king tiger has 94 seperate track links
each one has its own physic collision line so 94 collsion lines just for the tracks themselves
that is alot comapared to most mods and in spitnires

when i first got the Tiger it didnt run very well due to all the physics stuff being throwin at the engine tank got about 15-20 fps average on beefy system due to this

So i did alot of optimization work to get this better and frame rate up to at least 35-40...after some time i was able to achive this and managed to animate the turret and cannon and start designing a firing system for it while wokring on my other stuff like the winter edition,custom snowy peaks map for it and dynamic weather with my good friend team mate Templar GFX

So decided on night to take a shot at getting this beats into mudrunner and didnt have nay isues doing it converted over nicely

So i begum working on reskinng the tank with new desert look,reworked the engine area and tons of improvements to the track stuff since tank runs great in mudrunner

Mudrunner engine has improvements to how physics are handled not just graphic improvements stuff which im not pleased
with ...other than looking sharper due to shader sharpening technique like what you find in sweet sfx-post process sharpening is technical term a bit

Anyways 94 collision lines for the tracks isnt anything on engine know and get 60 fps at 1080p max everything
here is new look of the king tiger
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

Here is new idea for 6 tanks in one package ...Taylor V and CCS are doing the model stuff while i handle everything else xml wise,all texture work

Here we have panzer V Tank using same wheels and track system
The King Tiger,Panzer v,Jag panther andi think Tiger 1 all use same wheel system style with same type of tracks
Id have to research the tiger 1 still but the others above all do ...

The model isnt finished CCS is going to rebuild the hull part due to flaws i found in it
alt text
alt text

When its finished im going to texture it in substance painter

These are renders i did in 3ds max at 8k to show look of other version type 2 Panzer V without side skirts
alt text
alt text

So that for know is the tank stuff ....other thing coming is this 140 dollar paid model Osh Kosh JLTV that i have had forever know Taylor V did all mesh work its at 1.9 polys what model was stock and QuazzyMota420 is doing the animation work for it...some thing that will be a pleasure to drive around in and eye candy as well ...this render shows what it will look like in game 😉

alt text

Next on the list is the wonderful Winter Edition and dynamic weather for it...this is vid from st version off my dev page ....i havent gotten to converting it all over yet Templar GFX is wokring on new dynamic weather build for mudrunner so to any vehicle modders out there were going to need working wipers 😉


Some more from the winter edition
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

Tommarow evening i will post stuff on the Mudrunner Overhaul which has some of the spintires UHD incorperated into it...looks amazing better than what i could do on the st build of the engine 😉

What's the point in showing something that will never be released ? I'm talking about the tank ...

@stellyan showing it off to show it off, nothing wrong with it, if you have seen beamNG forums or the old Rigs of rods forums, they had a showroom thread for mods that where not planned to be released, but you can still go thru that thread a drool over them, can also get some ideas and inspiration going if you go thru those types of threads.

@stellyan said in Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul:

What's the point in showing something that will never be released ? I'm talking about the tank ...


@draconus, looks cool tho. I'd like to see how that tank is setup or is it using ST+?

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What system are you running? I'm guessing the tank tracks are quite a CPU hog. Pretty nice to see you manage 60fps in mudrunner though.

I don't care if you never release it into the wild, I'm just glad you're here to show it off!
Thing is a beast!
Besides, who said it's not going to be released?

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Wow some interesting comments on here...who said it was never going to be released?lol you guys kill me with this stuff some times...fist need to take care of something on here before i talk to the rest of you guys about the tank

You bother me anymore on here,post anything on this thread i have ill report you to focus for harrasment and have you banned on here next ...bugger off last time ill say this to you 😉

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Know got that rakin care of some one better get the damn hint this time....The King Tiger/Panzer V/Jag Panether im working on is going to be released eventually after the ton of work that is coming i have planned for it and other tracked vehicles using same animation setup ...credit on the mods for original track system design and braking system is Bad Noob

Half track can also be done this way and tracks will be real physic based just like the King Tiger has
The code for the King Tiger is extremly complicated but ive done a ton optimizing it,adding stuff ,did new physic xml stuff
and it runs awesome in mudrunner due to this

@Tattoo the tracks are real time phsyics based ...nothing like it in st or mudrunner and 100 times better than st + were those would stretch like rubber band and didnt flex like real physics tracks do...Spintank they were animated mostly using hardly any physic code xml wise

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@kpbruka no its not a cpu hog anymore use to be 😉 i roll gtx 670 4 gig do 1080 p 60fps on mudrunner max everything with 32x csaa anti aliasing forced through nvdia control panel...dont like the fxaa shader pavel is using long story that goes back to spintires ill tell some day if anyone wants to hear about why the fxaa shader in mudrunner still sucks..lol

@SKULL0FD3ATH fxaa shader thing... you know why on that one bud 😉

Im also pushing 2 gigs for the overhaul im almost finished doing on mudrunner tons of new stuff everything reworked to hd quality at 2k hires for some things rest is 4k including new 4k water rendering ...this is not 4k srceen resolution its 4k textures 4k water Everything is also bumped mapped know with hi res normals done including for terrain tiles..so everyone understands that

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@Tattoo unless i missed something Local Host has told me himself he is not doing anything more with st or mudrunner due to pretty much hes being dev and whos getting paid for it...

Sad to say no st + for mudrunner and Pavel is limiting modding becasue mudrunner only has 2 gig mem limit same bs with st before i changed that myself and getting oovee to up it to 4

Why people game been crashing with mods...same senario so if you look online there is patch i posted its Local Hosts fix for the editor got it to work on mudrunner and mudrunner editor so everyone knows about the fix that is out there to up the mem limit on game and editor

Know for those who want wheel sets since the feature was axed by yours truly mr pavel why no damn idea ...why take some thing away form people that everyone loved it made the game...i think he gets some sick kick out of it dont know but i have idea for it to work again and have wheel sets which ill detail below

Sometime you can get away with playing lets make engine think one thing and trick it to do another

If modder makes a wheel set as regular addon for a truck not like wheel sets were done itl trick engine to think its an addon and bing we got wheel sets again

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@SKULL0FD3ATH I havent tried this myself but after looking at some stuff in the game files it should work fine...bud you may want to test this idea out urself let me know on steam if it worked or not 😉

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@draconus said in Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul:

@Tattoo unless i missed something Local Host has told me himself he is not doing anything more with st or mudrunner due to pretty much hes being dev and whos getting paid for it...

I can surely understand that. Thanks, I didn't think about that.

The tanks are somewhat interesting, but we have a War Thunder for it. And the snow, it is just mud painted white? Because true snow is very different from mud.

@knight25 the snow isn't just a simple retexture, he reworked the mud to act more like snow, so you will slide more and maps are not just textures as well, he did some tweaking to make even the snow textures on the ground act like a slick surface, same for rocks and other things, they're overhauls not just a texture pack.

@Draconus I can't wait to see further progress man, everything sounds so dope!

@knight25 like what Skull said above since hes played the st version of winter edition a bit...its real snow physics not mud anymore i changed that into deep snow...bridges and roads also get affected by the new weather for it so when the snow gets heavy falling itl affect the friction on certain things

Like with the rain dynamic build ground would get wet,mud would get sloppier, know after it stopped little time passes and it drys out again...mud gos back to wya it was before the heavy storm that kind of thing is with the weather stuff

As some moron on here decided to flap his lips about how i went through pavel,oovee know focus i have to seriously laugh at that...so i guess he is physic know too and knows everything else i do...Stellyan ur acting like a stalker mate seriously

Grandy who is close friend has been for long time will be doing viudeos on all of this for those who dont believe or whatever ...its impressive stuff and why Pavel always seems to want to keep me in the dark

i blew it out out into the open about the lack of dx11 64 bit support on mudrunner also exe is only 2 gig limit
Pavel is also very very jelous of my weather stuff...gave up on that non sense why well if i can do all of this stuff and he cant including weather then theres the problem...guy has ego issue i guess..if some does something better than him its jelousy period...

look at this game...you guys wonder why i get ignored by pavel and he doesnt ignore me i do have him on skype ...just he always makes promises to people like with spibtires and know mudrunner...like the dx11 64 bit support and promoted the game as such but guess what when it shipped....32 bit dx9 2 gig limit

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im unloading all of this stuff so to speak for mudrunner due to something awesome falling in my lap chance to build a real game with a real paying job in unreal 4... so eventually guys i wont be doing this anymore as all my time will be into that

@SKULL0FD3ATH knows the story with oovee...they pretty much used me build an overhaul for st called UHD tons of new stuff everything over a 20k deal so i can have something for my little girl who is my life...why i do this every day and donations benefit her...just in end to sit on it why becasue nothing they promise they come threw with...

So the mudrunner overhaul has alot of the UHD project incorperated into it

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@Mr-KKOT thank you for the kind comment above much appreciated 😉

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