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@joridiculous then i load in tiles and such for the winter version type winter bam trees match env and there ya go...ill post more when i got this all together in next couple of days and all the models are winterized too

@joridiculous yeah that ice thing was done by V12 so you know back on st...i was gona do something with him on winter stuff but his map quality was not on my level ...pretty generic the Ice Road Truckers Map with stuff just slapped here and there and even the terrain was horribly rough...when i see people doing stuff like that then it tells me its not a love they have for this stuff or it be quality made...its simply to be cool with people stupid reason to get into this but alot of people do for that very reason and i wont work with them......i dont use this due to having looked at it its okay at times but wonky at others....

If V12 took more time on it then it be much better designed as what i would have done ...

Another tune i cant get outa my head...hate when that happens lol

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Okay so been having an interesting issue in the editor pretty serious one deals with losing the entire height map itself ill explain below

I was using a 6k height map which is too big at first it was fine but after hours into the map it started having issues with sudden dx out of memory error then bam terrain is sunkin down to grid and flat...when exited and not saving checking height map showed it was all black and be flat...completly gone

I fixed it twice then got worse...it was due to height map texture being at 6k with file of of 72 mb...so i loaded the back up height map in to PS and upon checking it had couple of solid black spots...this will be completly missing terrain when in editor so i fixed it by hand very carefully with all white...

resized the height map at 4k load it back into editor and did tons of terrain work without rebuilding and no further issues...

Very very complicated fix i had to do to save the entire thing.....

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Where are you getting your height maps from? I use terrain party, and the image size is 1537x1537

This is how my first attempt looks if it helps you some.

alt text

@Digital-X wow that is bad no detail at all to the terrain...okay you have to load it into ps and adjust the brightness and contrast..at stock terrain party height maps wont work really well till you do certain things to them

In top tab youl see auto contrast use that first then adjust brightness up a bit...i always use the 2nd heightmap from left when you get the 5 in pack it downloads...that is best one

Resize it to 2k or 4k also in PS itl look alot nicer when rebuilt in editor

Some pics of my map progress after the masive fix i had to do to save it

alt text
The new river dirst stuff and mountain rock look

alt text

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OK thanks, using the brightness/contrast didn't even cross my mind.

@Digital-X Auto contrast first then brightness up a bit so there isnt so much black on the height map...highest points should be bright white not to super bright but bright...youl have to experiement and find the best setting for ur perticular area...

OK it's better now IMO.

Bumps all over the place and saved at 4K res.

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Lot more visual bumps, I'll have a hunt around and see what I can find.

@joridiculous errr being a smart #$% doesnt win favors with me so you know...kinda disrespectful too as you have no right looking at the height map in the editor itself since its not ur stuff to begin with..then post pics on my thread of it another slap in my face...so remove the pics above if you want any further help from me period...i posted that to help people how to make the heightmap look

Really good way to burn it with some one and i dont take it as a joke either..so damn disrespectful

@joridiculous im also not helping anyone further on anything editor wise...take it easy guys im done being disrespected on my own thread trying to help an ungrateful community...see ya

@Draconus don't let those trolls win. There are so many people who appreciate the work of active members like you who share mods and informations- so don't give a s**t about the trolls, just report and keep going!