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@8up-local than you for liking my stuff and yeah its been a long roadwith this stuff...im one person who had overhauled st sititng on that due to what oovee pulled and why its not released...winter edition is finished with tons of stuff ,snowy peaks map isnt finished fo rit again im one guy not a group of guys...

The dynamic weather well that is finished for st waiting for my good friend and team mate Templar GFX to convert the dynamic system side of it code wise over to mudurnner there is alot to it

I also didnt do anything with this stuff due to Reece bolton and hein tragg and alot of other people telling me to not give this away as a mod it should be in the game officially and its the situation im in with no income fighing two battles with lymphoma why ..i beat the cancer crap twice but cant work a regular job due to what it did to me physically

Im awesome at this stuff and deserved better than what oovee did to me and all the other crap ive been through including with pavel...if pavel wasnt like he was,jelous because some one does something better or made weather you guys would have all of this already and you have no idea the damn wall i constantly hit with this stuff

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@8up-local so decided to give up on it after a 3 year pursuit with oovee,pavel and focus to be in offically and release it all if people want to show there graditude with a small donation as a thank you for the 3 years i put my life into this stuff, fighitng cancer and all didnt stop me from working on this stuff for all of you in the end and make the game epic like i should be not just good

people dont want to say thank you and help a little that is fine ...know you understand why its not released over the st versions i have been sitting on and mudrunner build of the overhaul is almost ready for release,doing winter edition next and weather stuff...3 years pursing something you simply love doing,the stress from it im surprised im still here guys to be honest you all have no idea what ive actually had to go through to this point with any of this stuff...hell would be a small word i would use to describe any of it yet here i am still doing what i love...

So this is last of any of it...just want poeople to enjoy this stuff its up to them if they want to say thank you for the 3 years i dedicated of my life even though i was going through hell at the time with the cancer still did it so all of you ur very welcome for the weather that is coming sad pavel doesnt want some one very talented on his team with him together we could make mudrunner epic but sad its not the case and same goes with focus

Very tired guys and been such a long journey to this point

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that about sums it up sorry i repeat myself a bit everyone havent been feeling very well last couple of days,been sick with a bug and dealing with Stellyans nonsense on here earlier didnt help...

To those that have helped out there getting this stuff as a gift and massive thank you for helping and supporting me.

Im not releasing this free what i decided to do with it all...and those who have supported me will be geting an awesome package as a thank you for helping myself and my daughter out with donations as i dont have any kind of income ...so when some one shows kindness loves my work and does do a donation it hits me a bit inside becasue i have nothing to begin with and helps my daughter

@draconus Now all this sounds really amazing. Looks like you did a lot for this game. Have you thought about hiring in Saber Interactive? 😃 As for the tanks, I meant that they look great but the mudrunner needs something like bulldozers and halftracks. Anyway, I would also ride a tank in mud and snow. Really gooood work.

@knight25 Well Saber wont give me time of day due to Pavel so yeah tried that too..just get ignored i swear maybe id get further if i didnt make awesome stuff like the weather and actual winter

Game is crashing i dont fix it let pavel deal with it which he wont give people more than 2 gigs for modding when game alraedy uses 1 gig at stock...its atcually 1.5 gigs not a full 2 gigs...

Youd have to understand 32 bit old windows apps... st was built on win xp 32 bit
since you cant have more than 4 gigs of ram on a system running 32 bit and it only uses 3.25 of it max the 2 gig mem limit im talking about with mudurnner exe is half of that if you catch my meaning...not a full 2 gigs....its sad whole thing and Pavel isnt happu unless hes in coltrol on everything including modding...

Another reason why im getting away eventually and lost faith in pavel completly...

Youl see Mudurnner iwll go down same path st did axing of the wheel sets with no care how players will feel is one example...proting mudrunner having dx9,dx11 32/64 bit support again which was so not true and that one hits me the most with pavel

I asked pavel myself 2 weeks before mudrunner released and he told me yup game supports all of that
Then after release tells me well sorry ur upset mister about the lack of dx11 support and 64 bit ...game doesnt run any diffrent wit it ...lol

This is how Pavel appreciates all the people who bought st and money in his pocket..this is how he says thank you to the modding community for keeping st alive and sales were happening still so he benifited form all the modders keeping his game alive..

Myself i get caught in the middle of this because i care to much about others...peoples games started crashing did i sit back and watch laughing..nope i helped people and know they have something so there games dont crash with mods and a 4 gig limit as well not lousy 2 ...people come to my dev page do i shun them say i dont have time to talk...

nope i always give everyone time and respect to talk to me just expect the same in return yet lately people been utterly something like the garbage youll see on this thread i have here from a perticular individual

So going to keep doing what i love if this thread gets to bad i wont bother with the forums here not worth my time and im better than the junk ive had posted on this thread...just so everyone knows if it disappears on here you all know why

If that happens ill just stick with my dev page on facebook and no i dont let people like Stellyan stop me from doing what i love doing...ill leave it at this for tonight ill post some stuff pic wise and some vids here in next day or two on the tank stuff,weather and Mudurnner overhaul

Last post for tonight...something else that is coming for mudurnner a 140 dollar paid hi poly model of Osh Kosh JLTV at 1.9 million polys that i bought 2 years ago couldnt find anyone to do it properly so that has changed.......looks gorgous and massive thank you to Taylor V for the mesh work,QuazzyMota420 for the ik animation on it which QuazzyMota420 is working on right know 😉

alt text
This will look just as good in game...Taylor V was able to break all the meshes up and keep the model at original 1.9 million polys ...have a great evening everyone 😉

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WOW, 1.9 million polys? Man that is a lot! You'll need a 1080Ti to run that sucker. lol. Is this the model off of cgstudio? It looks the same and if it is, you can take a boat load of polys out of that thing so it's not so bad. That is certainly a poly whore at it's finest. lol.

That is just overkill and unnecessary. lol
alt text

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@tattoo I try to tell people this as well, don't need a bunch of polies to make it look good, infact the skill that comes from modeling is making a jaw dropping model with very little polies.

@skull0fd3ath, Yeah man. Especially with this one. It's flat so there's no need for all them polys. lol.

what's the point of ww2 german tanks in this game, how about putting in a t-64,t-72,or t-80?

@tattoo said in Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul:

@skull0fd3ath, Yeah man. Especially with this one. It's flat so there's no need for all them polys. lol.

they probably don't know how to retopolgize, which is why if you want to port models, use game friendly ones. don't just stick some cad models with a million polys in there. this is egregious.

@clarionhorn, It's personal preference. If people want tanks, download World of Tanks and use them models. They have some nice detail to em.

@tattoo said in Draconus Battle Camp/Mods---Tank Stuff/Dynamic Weather/Winter/Mudrunner OverHaul:

@clarionhorn, It's personal preference. If people want tanks, download World of Tanks and use them models. They have some nice detail to em.

did you read my whole post? i said t-64/72/80 would make more sense and you could actually fit it into the game, like an army training exercise drive from point a to b or something.

@clarionhorn, Yes, it wasn't much of a post, only one sentence, so what's your point? I have no idea what a t-64,t-72,or t-80 is. I know some but not many. lol

Hi @Draconus, very cool models, thanks for sharing! Although please stay respectful to other players here, as well as MudRunner's dev team. It's fine to disagree with Pavel's choices, or to be disappointed by MudRunner, but stay polite in your exchanges here. Thanks!

Concerning issues with specific users, please report any problem to @Iyagovos or myself by private messages. Don't answer to his messages; it only ends up polluting your own topic.

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