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Ill be honest lost interest in this forum...to manny people have nothing else better to do than poke and troll pretty much and tons of drama...never seen so much drama involved in a game community in my whole life...the non sense that went on the oovee froums isnt much better on here...like the nasty harasment i had to deal with on here from another person

not all but alot in the community its the way you act period over a game...the crappy stuff ive had done to myself from certain people we wont mention names

I simply love doing what i do...have a love for this game but i can live without it...isnt going to kill me,time is not going to stop.the world isnt going to end

I think alot of you need to think about that for a minute..
Been through cancer twice had enough bad stuff done to me to last a life time i dont need people drama, garbage or any of the other non sense ive seen since ive been involved in this game

To those who dont do the drama you can find me on my dev page were its actually civilized and this post thread can die for all i care

Take it easy everyone 😉

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@draconus I don't know anything about you draconus other then the drama that surrounds you, I was there when Spun and Brute did the benefit for you I even released a map for the benefit, and you accused us for taking money, so don't come at me calling me a troll, I asked what have you done for the game because I had no clue what you actually do, other then the rain mod that you never released, probably because you want money for it.

@nix_909 I accused Spun and Brute from all the others that kept tellin me things and was wrong ....We all apolgized to one another...after all of that was resolved Spun and Brute and i i thought were okay friends....then year went by and Spun started getting attitude over stuff like me running spintires.nl....

I hate drama never like it but seems to always come around me for some stupid reason...just a down to earth person whos been through alot and my weather stuff sorry if i want it in the game officially and not as a lousy mod...and why shouldnt i be compensated along with Templar GFX for giving you guys dynamic weather when no else can and the immense amount of time we both put in to it to make it happen

Sorry i dont work been disabled since i got cancer first time 3+ years ago going through it again and really tired of everyone wanting everything for free when i have nothing to begin with ....sorry when you put ur life into something and hope it gives a little back for you and and ur daughter and for it to be in game officailly... if that makes me a bad person than so be it...

So when some one donates it means alot to me and also on personal level shows people actually love ur work and what ur doing...i do this stuff because i love doing it and im good at it...wish i could make a living doing it would benifit my wonderful 12 year old daughter Alyssa and why i keep pursuing it with Focus and even Oovee for dynamic wetaher for ST which may still happen by the way 😉

...eventually im not gona beat this cancer non sense ive been going through and its her future what im thinking about and again Nix_909 if that makes me a bad person than so be it

So know that is done...Here is latest work Templar GFX and i have been doing for Dynamic weather on mudurnner...it also has dynamic lightning know and is incredible....it also has dynamic dust,dynamic rain fog and mist,6 different rain types and it will effect terrain traction in heavy downpours

We have to fine tune the systems next couple of days and polish some other sfx stuff in it...also has new dynamic water sfx when driving through it and Templars Better Dynamic Mud which is much improved over st versions...has multiple dirt types for particles like dark,light,clay ect


I totally understand where you're coming from, but if the whole community can't manage to get the devs to fix the broken stuff what makes you think you'll have any luck getting them to pay a 3rd party for content? Not trolling at all, as Pavel has effectively said he likes the game as-is (which doesn't bode well for future content either).

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@ganjamajic420-0 that is the thing though, will it ever be released?

@Draconus i know a part of the work you do is for a bit of therapy, but i have to ask again. why do all this work and show it off, if you are only going to keep this stuff for yourself? now if you have been releasing things and i have missed it then my mistake. it is just i have seen a lot of great work come from you in the last couple years, but after a while it is becoming quite the tease because you show this stuff off, but then never seem to release things. i mean if you d not plan on releasing this work then no problem really, but please do not tease all of us with this stuff if you do not intend to do anything with it.

i would like to say first off i appreciate all the work everyone who has created mods for this game has done. i have tried to look into building a truck or a map a couple times myself and thats just not my thing. if i cant cut it, bend it, or weld it i aint modding anything lol! i have donated to the links of the guys that i appreciate the work of and use on a regular basis, and will continue to do so. with that being said, i read the story some time ago of your circumstances. i felt like it was something i wanted to do and i helped you through your link. let me make this clear, i did not donate to you hoping i would get something in return...all tho i was told something was coming my way. i dont want anything and dont expect anything. but i followed your work and admired it. but like 8up said, i haven't seen any of this work released to the public. which this is where im going to respectfully disagree with 8up, its no different than some of the best modders on here say they are not going to publicly release anymore mods, yet we get teased with their work on youtube. you may have a friends list that you share all your work with and thats awesome. but, why i stopped following you and honestly will not follow your work anymore is because everytime i looked at something you had posted its always the same thing, its like you are the only one who can work on a certain thing and if anyone else starts working on something also it turns into a pissing match and you get your feelings hurt. i have personally sent you messages wishing you and your family the best and to keep your head up. but all i ever seen in return is how your done with the spintires community and buy the way, listen to my story of bad luck in life again. i wish nothing but the best of luck for you and your family. i am surprised i even looked at this post when it came up today but i really needed to get this off my chest.

That is looking fantastic regarding regarding the weather! Great work.

Sorry to hear everything you have been through but keep your head up 🙂

I just wish there was one good thing I could say about all of it. But due to my inability to not call things as I see them...there isn't. So I'm not even going to try. Just gonna turn around and walk straight out the way I came in. Then see how quickly I can get this acrimonious taste out of my mouth. Hopefully before I 🤮

If the creators of the Spintires series decide to not integrate this great mod, you can always go with the option of including your work in a dlc fans can pay for. I would pay to try this.


Yes, this is the reality.

Offer free and paid versions of your mod. You could find success by offering different levels of your mod. One level is free and includes basic functionality. Customers must pay to receive an advanced version of the mod that includes more bells and whistles.

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@joemama only problem would be once it is released, paid or not, someone will upload it for free to a 3rd party site just like the other mods out there. sad to point out the fact, but it would happen.


Wow the post on here lol guys im dont tease ive been trying to get this in game officially 3+ years at this if people dont like it then please leave this thread and stop the trolling on here guys...what i do with my hard work is my buisness really and if people dont undertsand im not giving this away for free then i dont know what to tell ya...there is 3 years of dev work involved in the weather between first build on st back on feb 26 2015 snow falling i released...also released rain for free to public on spintires that summer in june ur all welcome by the way

These are basic builds...its growin a ton since and 3 years later im busting my butt and Templar so we can try to get weather into the game for everyone ...not a paid mod,not paid dlc ..you guys kill me with this stuff....itl be free for you in the end but saddly gotten know were with it so here we are and its still growing into something epic

@8up-local instead of the constant ur teasing us please stop and will it be free why dont all of you support what myself and Templar GFX are doing and petition focus to have this in the game offiically...no one ever thought of that instead ive gotten this for 3 + years a nice way of saying thank you when public got weather on st and didnt get alot of thank yous then

You couldve done same with Oovee on forums and asked for it

If in the end this never sees light of day due to no one really supporting us why would we then turn around and give it to a community that doesnt really care to begin with ...think i made my point

Anyways got thunder clap done know for lightning strikes short vid of it doesnt do it on all strikes only some mostly the bigger strikes itl have a nice clap to it


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@8up-local it shows better support when players take the inititive not the creators themselves if they want something in game officially...ive tried trust me...im just a 1 man army know two with Templar GFX as a team amte but two guys cant get any were when thousands say hey we want this...see my point

anyways here is night video Templar GFX sent over of the lightning at night

@8up-local like to just see better respect from you guys towords us that is all...goes for anyone really this stuff isnt easy,take alot of time and devotion with ur heart poured into it and wish people would appreciate it better than what they do 😉

Youtube Video

Next we have to integrate the darker day time state to kick in when storm starts so sun isnt out when its down pouring...next part of this whole project

Rain states last various periods and some times you may play for while with no rain ...itl happen

We also did lightning for all rain states as random effect so might have rain with our without lightning

Its really shapin up alot nicer than the st builds we did

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@draconus That looks completely amazing. This would take this game to hole new level, And one that should have been there in the first place, at least for MR I believe. It would also change the way we look at making our maps. It's huge. I can only imagine the amount of patience you must have to perfect this for us for 3y. I've been working on one small map for three months now, and I'm getting really sick of looking at it. I think the majority support you, they would be out of minds not to. Keep up the great work. Thx