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This may be more of an Xbox One question than a Mud Runner question but here I go.

My present setup has the Xbox One output HDMI connected to my Sony KDL-32L4010 32" LCD display. Then I have the stereo audio from my LCD display fed into my Sony DAV-HDX466 surround sound system.
It sounds awesome but I'm interested in any improvements.
Note that my surround sound system is old and doesn't have an SPDIF digital audio input or an HDMI input.

I put this question out on a Facebook page and it was recommended that I pickup a SPDIF digital audio to RCA stereo converter. I could have done that but then I had another idea.
On Black Friday I visited Best Buy and picked up a Sony HTCT80 soundbar at a reasonable price.
I plan to connect the Xbox One's SPDIF digital audio output to the soundbar.
I'll let you know how it sounds.

I can't find the audio specs for the Xbox One or for any video games including Mud Runner.
Can I assume that all video games are written to output only stereo and not surround sound?

@jeepfever said in Audio Options:

Sony HTCT80 soundbar

Well I'm not liking the sound quality of the Sony HTCT80 soundbar.
I'll probably use it on another flat panel display and use the Sony surround sound with the Xbox One even if its only stereo inputs.

Hmmm... it seems I'm the only person replying.

Okay I've received a short lesson on sound systems from a knowledgeable Best Buy employee.
Soundbars are not meant to replace a true surround sound system. They are meant to be an upgrade to the flat panel display's speakers. Which is probably why they don't support surround sound 5.1.
A soundbar is meant to be connected to the flat panel display not to a video game console.

Also I've noticed that my soundbar's additional bass speaker can sound pretty crappy.
That's because its powered by the soundbar

I'll simply save my soundbar for a different entertainment setup in my home.
With my Xbox One I'll use the stereo outputs from my flat panel display and feed them to the surround sound system.
The K-700 sounds awesome.

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