Realistic texture mods i make

Hello 🙂
I'm working on this about a week and i think it's finally looks decent to publish my first video
i work on 3-4 truck now, some of the textures upscale to 4096 (4k resolution)
and remake photorealistic parts to match the truck looks. some of the texture have
real mud, dust, rust, and also Normal-maps for better detailed materials.
Also remake some of the plants and logs, gauges, seats, bridges, send, dirt, stones..
and for final results Reshade the game colors and exposures..
I hope you like it 🙂

Youtube Video

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looks good, but the asphalt texture is a little too bright 😃

@hydrowasul said in Realistic texture mods i make:

looks good, but the asphalt texture is a little too bright 😃

Yes you right i will work on it , thanks 🙂

looks real good keep up the good work

@naor-levi said in Realistic texture mods i make:

New log texture

I like the outer texture better but the dark color on some of the ends don't look right to me. Good job tho. I'd use em.

@naor-levi Very good work.

Hello again:)
do you thing is it to much detail? or its fine like this?

0_1512135896147_2.jpg 0_1512135907307_maxresdefault.jpg
2_1512135896147_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2017.12.01 - 1_1512135896147_3.jpg

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@naor-levi looks great by me.
Already know whom to be asked, if I'll need some texturing!

A Few more updates, new pumpkin texture, Mud spray now have mud colors, retexture the water plants.
and a new reshade colors and contrast and brightness. still work on the trucks 🙂

3_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-25 2.jpg 2_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-24 22-58-56.jpg 1_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-16 18-56-33.jpg 0_1514229673874_MudRunner 2017-12-16 17-56-07.jpg

brilliant stuff been waiting for this !

cant wait for this to come out looks great

dounload link please ,
locks great on standard trucks

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