Veteran System for Necromunda?

I would very much like to see a version of the veteran system in Necromunda. The changes id make would be; A) 1 single global veteran system not one per gang. 😎 higher veteran levels with more tasks to complete. C) no tasks that require online skirmishes, I'm currently on a Mordheim binge, but I can't complete the skirmish tasks due to no other online games. D) lore specific task names.

Also this system could also be used to track how well you play with each gang, and therefore be used to assess an opponent online.

What do you mean global veteran system? Like you get the upgrades for all your gangs?

I wouldn't want to see that, I'd rather see warband upgrades changed entirely, specifically the kind of bonuses offered by the veteran system being tied to stuff like territories you hold. Simplifying it to only need to get them once and have them for all your gangs is basically the oppisite of what I'd want.

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True, an universal veteran system is not good because despite some of the veteran skills are a must have (Like commander or negotiator) we can safely say that the veteran skills will change a little bit from Mordheim to Necromunda.

As well, i really like the whole idea of having lore related tasks, like taking certain settlements in the underhive for your gang

That kind of stuff is more than fine with me, but a universal system is not the way to go. They should be making individual gangs more immersive and unique, which doesn't include "your Cawdor gang got 300 kills, now your Escher gang and all alts get an weapon dealer." Or something like that. The Veteran system was about your Warband growing in fame and influence, if all got it it wouldn't.

Going to mention, the Table Top campaign has stuff about your gang's associates/hangers-on, non gang member suppliers and such. Contacts and merchants that provide bonuses that can actually be lost in certain scenarios where they are killed.

The way you put it DeTortor is very interesting and i think we could tie it to another question we had left that was hard to answer: Gang rating. Making the gang rating (what would determine things like access to better weapons, more gangers for hire, your ganger roster...) could be tied to the "veteran quests" we had in Mordheim: Winning battles, fitting gangers with good gear, getting more territory, etc...

I think this could be good to reflect the true progress of your gang, specially since the underhive people react quickly to shifts in power and seeing a gang like yours rising steadily in power you would get access to better stuff as well as more people will want to join you. I think this way of getting and potentially losing your veteran goodies would be a good way to tie it with gang progression and the "gang rating".

The official term is hangers on from my new Codex, and there's a pretty good chance the devs heard of this because one thing that they were able to say was they've been in close contact with GW, so for theorycrafting there's a decent chance they'll take cues from the current edition of TT.

Yes I do think this is a good tie in to gang rating, lore wise it makes perfect sense, when your gang gets big and strong people will want to basically latch onto you for protection, once things are looking bad they'll soon abandon you. I really much prefer the idea of being able to rise and fall, and having upgrades tied to locations and people is a great way to do that in a way that's immersive and makes sense.

It also makes for thematic "quests" like the OP asks, that part I agree with. It becomes a little difficult again to speculate on what it should be, but assuming Settlements will be a key mechanic say to get discounts for gear sales a quest would basically be earn the favor of a settlement, maybe you rescue a trader being held hostage then you gain a hanger on who gives a flat bonus, or if Settlements offer bounties on troublemakers then collect one then that Settlement gives you a better deal. Then you can also lose it if the trader dies or get's scared off, or you lose the Settlements favor somehow. There could also be achievement quests like Mordhiem with bonuses that are more permanent, some things can be tied to the Gang as a whole, or even individual gangers.

I still need to get my hands on the codex since here in Spain it got released just yesterday, so i'll need to have a good read at it and see the new goodies that might be implemented.

Yes, the new gang rating to be tied to some benefits your gang gets passively should be good to go. The thing is if the new gang rating is implemented correctly and how it's calculated. In Mordheim ir tas based on the level o the warband members + gear + skills - permanent injuries. Here it has to count too other things too like the territory you have conquered, the gear you have available in your cachés...

And those thematic quests, i think they would be great to have as secondary objectives in certain missions (Like for example, change the marked for death objective for bounty hunting). As well, it's better that from completing the quests you get one out of 3 possible rewards. For example, rescuing a kidnapped guilder might get you better deals for 2-3 weeks, a flat amount of money or some strange and unique gear you can only get through this quest, like a personal shield generator or man stopper shells for shotguns.

As well, since settlements will play an important part into the game, will we have access to fuel rods?

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