Whats the future of this game?

The games getting boring. Will there be more maps? How about steam workshop maps? Heres an idea. make it possible to download a modded map that the host selected while in-game?. I mean it works for the vehicles. Why not maps? It just makes sense.

Also what about VR support? Will it happen?

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The last I heard, workshop maps are coming soon.

Maps are absolutely coming in the workshop. It's in our to-do list, with new camera modes and console wheel support.

@netheos What is workshop? Is that the same as mods?

The Workshop is the tool for downloading mods on Steam, it's where you can currently get vehicle mods and will be able to get map mods in the near future.

@iyagovos Will there be something similar for consoles ?

@netheos Oh yes wheel support is the Big one for me... E.T.A. please.

@cyfer I would expect this to come very soon-- they've been working on wheel support since release.

would the removal of the balance points be an option? i would like to use all the trucks(unlocked) and fill the slots with MY choice of trucks - not what fits within the balance point system.
hence giving all the awesome user's maps a true sandbox feel. i have heard the argument that some people want the challenge, well they can play within the point structure. just do not make it locked out for those that really enjoy, trying out different combo's of trucks for different scenarios.
and i hear A LOT of complaining about maps. i have appx. 40 maps! and 98% of them are awesome ! just look for them ( i don't want to plug other sites) their out there. thanks for listening.

@rufus-johns I think that balance points should stay but as other user said, allow to overload the points.

Im a completionist and I also like challenge. It would feel very cheap to be able to get the achievements starting with 2 535 (better than the 7310)

good point...a possible point overload like in ST would be awesome.

Es ist ein super Spiel und ich hoffe das noch viele Verbesserungen und zusatzinhalte kommen werden.bin jetzt schon Fan.
Vorallem im Multiplayer müssen die Detail wie schlamm, Wasser und Spuren deines Mitspielers hinzugefügt werden!!