First impressions

First thing i want to say about this game, is that this game has a really good potential to be an good game, for several reasons (S.T.A.L.K.E.R vibe, pretty good graphics etc.). Concept of game is really good, only, of course, this game needs some repairs. First thing i want to mention are bugs.There are several bugs and mistakes that needs to be optimized and repaired.


----First thing is that this game is full of FPS drops, especially in some interactions like jumping from Chopper, going into the towns, weather changes etc.

----Wolves are just too much bugged, like they several times jumped through closed doors, they get stucked between furniture(one of them even stucked on second floor between sofa and wall.)

----You guys lack(but as i assume, this is beta version and you haven't put them yet)Sound effects.In both ways.Unoptimized,missing and sometimes confusing you need really to repair it, like i hear my footsteps behind me,No door opening sound etc.

----There are some, i don't know, is that hitbox or invisible wall, but some "bugges" near railways i am just getting stoped while running by nothing, and by jumping and moving i evade this.But i am not really sure maybe i just jumped on something.

Personal Suggestions and view:

----I played every single S.T.A.L.K.E.R(SoC,CS,CoP) several times, and when i heard about this game, i knewed that this game must be good.After i played i realised that this game still has that Stalker spirit, but in the same time, it lacks of it in some aspects.(But as i know that this is beta, i think that you will add these thing through time).Lack of mutants, not in number of existing, but in number of sort.I want to say that there are only wolves and you are missing other mutants like snorks, controllers, bloodsuckers etc.Of course i know that you cannot add all these mutants but you could add some of them, those that can be balanced with game and surviving.Same i could say for anomalies, you could add some anomalies(same, not every but some) and maybe to increase number of anomalies in forests like in other Stalkers, bcs that will make a game little bit, like challenging etc.Map is almost different from native Stalker, only Yanov and some other places are In Stalker and it will be maybe good to add some places, especially some underground laboratory(but not to complicated, like x labs from stalker), and this Map really lacks of any major town or city, like every town has only 7-20 houses and buildings have like 2 floors, and where is Pripyat.(But I assume too for maps, that this is beta and you will add some extra maps, but i comment only this map that i just saw while i was playing.).And while shooting blast from gun is really too big i can't see anything while i am shooting someone, but that is my pers. opinion, not so big problem at all.Also you could add some guns from native Stalker.

This was my view of this game and i think that this could help in little improvement of whole game, this game is really good, keep on guys.See ya when this game releases in it's true Version, and i hope you find something useful in this text.Thank you very much for key :D!

Sorry if you find any type of grammar mistake.