With 'Vermintide' (which is 'X1X Enhanced') soon to be 'free' on Xbox Gold, maybe Focus Home Interactive should consider creating an 'Xbox One X Enhanced' patch for 'Space Hulk: Deathwing'.

Vermintide will surely rise in popularity due to being a 'free' game on Xbox Gold next month. Therefore, SHDW (also set in the Warhammer world and another Left4Dead-style coop game, though with guns) could be a lot more popular with the Xbox masses than previously expected (if bugs are fixed, the new loot progression system works well and the game is polished - unlike the hurried PC release).

Games such as: 'Homefront: the Revolution', 'The Surge', amongst others, have more than likely had a boost in sales because of their X1X enhancements. If so, I hope that Focus Home Interactive help Streum to create an X1X Enhanced patch for 'Space Hulk: Deathwing', which, with the added popularity of 'Vermintide', might become very lucrative, plus bring it up to scratch with 'Vermintide' and 'Killing Floor 2' in terms of X1X Enhanced support.

Obviously, I hope not to put further pressure on the devs, but instead for Focus Home Interactive to further support this game in order for a polished, unhurried and successful release onto consoles.

Thank you.

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