I love this game

It is great. Exactly what I was looking for in space hulk. Love this game so much.
Please keep up the good work. I know you are working hard on new content and enhancements.
Please add new hulk's and new chapters.

Know what they say about imitation and flattery hillslam.

Also, have you seen the current reviews and player numbers? Bwahahahahaaha!

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rofl I wish I did that - because thats some funny s**t right there.

been busy beta-ing Space Hulk Tactics. looks like I gotta go see whats up in the steam cesspit. you making friends again?

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Of course hillslam, we all believe you. It's not like you'd go to the effort of all that is it? Just like you wouldn't go off and find out my real name even though I had a private profile.

Oh wait...

Sorry all - I'm cranky. Feeling better now. When I'm angsty I tend to go off and lie and blame and project. But I'm all better now.

Right. Off to play some SH DW EE. Simply the BEST. Ta

I'm sure you are Hillslam, but I bet it guts you no end to see I was right all along - https://steamcharts.com/app/816090

Here's your crucial bit:

Last 30 Days 75.1 -134.4 -64.16% 184

75 average players, with peak 184 in the last 30 days. That's a 64% drop.

Reviews have also plummeted, pretty much saying what I've been telling you.

So make all the silly pictures and threats you like, it won't change the fact you were wrong as hell. Ironically, if they had listened to people saying what I did, and not to fanatics like you, it wouldn't be so bad.

Have a great day now Hillslam 😉

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Oh B b b b b. Snookums. I'm not hillslam. But you know me. You have lots of friends.
Come meet us on the discord. You're a celebrity. Like Jerry Lewis.

We all know Hillslam, you proved that by stalking and threats on the steam forums.

Fanboys really are an insane breed.

Sigh when I'm not wearing my special wig I really have a hard time putting two and two together.

Back to a rousing game of DW EE with friends. Its the most fun with friends.

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