CAn someone help me to make this LIAZ Dakar beauty in game pls? ;)

Hey modders! I need help with this Liaz Dakar beauty 😉😎 Can someone help me to convert it into MR? I need from you "work in 3ds max" - to make bones,moving axles and mudguards,textures unwrapping and convert it into .x format .... Later in game i can continue myself ( to make geard,weight,addons,sounds ....) Is someone interested to help? SPUN, HAZZARD, others ... ?
Thanks zidon 🙂
0_1511856032292_23915831_1911510108878860_2359754351279974323_n.jpg 2_1511856042588_23905571_1911510135545524_712308575728158054_n.jpg 1_1511856042588_23905217_1911510208878850_5970606190475866604_n.jpg 0_1511856042588_23916020_1911510315545506_6878655068735347644_n.jpg

I can. But there are a lot of polygons in the model, it's possible to make such a model into the game?

Yep -it has too many polys ..... can you make it a little less poly? PM me and i give you link so you can try it 😉

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