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I know that the game is supposed to be out end of the year for console, well it's end of the year and I must admit the silence is maddening. I think all of us are fine with you all taking as much time as needed but please communicate with us. I bought this on PC a year ago for my birthday and I have some friends who only play console. I love the game so much that I am going to get a console copy as well. Could we please, please have an update? It's all I want for Christmas from you.

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My birthday is also soon (5th of december) and Id also want nothing more then an ETA 😃
Wont mind too much if it takes you a few more months 😛

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Hi guys. We're here, we read everything. We're sorry we can't answer your questions right now. We relayed your concerns and we'll hopefully clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Thats a pity, but I can live with that for now 😉
Im sure it will be worth the wait 😉

I think you really ought to clear the situation on the Steam Forum, or we will lose a lot of our battle brothers, before theres even a fight :S
Please dont let us hanging without informations tomorrow

I would not say better than Apathion. Riot is coming my dear Netheos... even among those who are on your side 😕
Break the silence for emperor's sake!

Je dirais pas mieux que Apathion... L'émeute arrive mon cher Néthéos... y compris parmi ceux qui vous soutiennent 😕
Rompez le silence pour l'amour de l'Empereur!

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I do find it a bit galling that today has passed with no comment at all. Granted, I understand that FHI are the publisher and thus associated with SHDs development to a limited degree, not to mention the amount of hassle Netheos must have to deal with in regards to the EEs release on PC as well as console but to be left in the dark when there is less than 30 days left of the potential release is maddening, especially when retailers changed their own expected release dates from 5/12/17 (hence the significance of today) to 27/3/18. Information which apparently comes directly from suppliers.

We beseech you Netheos, surely there must be some offical information or atleast an idea of when we could expect news.

Damn guys, I fear you are really messing this release up.... and I'm not talking about the timing but the communications :S

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This is honestly ridiculous, you cant even tell us why its been delayed (because lets be honest you have already missed the date you spent an entire year promising) yet you have no problem advertising your steam sales to your PC base while barely acknowledging your console fanbase and expecting us to just sit and be okay with it. I can't be the only one tired of hearing nothing except copy pasted responses and runarounds.

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