Forum Updates

Can someone sort out the forum title because for many months it has been badly cropped and is annoying : “enhanced e” “space hu” etc . Maintenance was carried out recently but the title is unendingly left chopped, so looks very unprofessional!

It seems all the forums are cropped to fit a smaller title box but Spacehulk Deathwing is not shrunk to fit the newer title box.

Sort it out please.

Wot you talkin' about, Willis? It looks fine here, but I'm only using the bare-bones browser on the PS4. What are you using?

@kommodore77 yeah and it’s normal on my iPad. It might be the ol’ eyes playin up there young fella👴🏻

I’m on iPad but it is chopped up as I described... strange 😱

@kommodore77 are you using chrome or safari?

@kommodore77 ok me too. Then I’m stumped Could be the taint of a warp entity! Might have to sanction Exterminatus just to be sure.