To the developers,

I just want to start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with mudrunner.  I have completed all maps but deluge on hardcore and I am satisfied with my purchase.  What I would like to suggest is adding more modifications to the A class scout in the garage so that we could make it as extreme or tame of an off road vehicle as possible.  I feel that an option like this(you could possibly even add a generic looking A class pickup for the truck enthusiasts) could really open up the off road experience in the game.  Maybe taller suspension setups, more engine power, larger tires.  Simple upgrades that the user could toy with in and out of co/op.  Plus adding a couple more generic A class vehicles for modification would make for more interesting expeditions with friends.  But, this is just my suggestion.  The game is great by itself, but I would definitely get excited for some more A class options.

Thank you