Release details?

I've seen a lot of people asking for details on when the release will happen of the enhanced edition, but my question is where can we find out about when the release date is set? I've seen multiple youtubers go off of multiple sources like eb games, amazon, game stop, the spacehulk DW wiki etc. So what should be considered the most reliable source of information for the release date? As well, is there any date set, where you will tell us when the release date? Thank you

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Can we have info about the Enhanced Edition?

Posible date?

This PR is so pathetic 😑


What do you mean?

Public Relations
More exactly: their handeling of community relations (which is part of professional PR) is one of the worst I have ever seen...
They really manage to alienate those few who, after all this months, stayed on their side by simply keeping quiet. I don't know who is in charge of issue-management at FHI, but that person needs to be fired.

Other games i have, DEVS post every week or more, look Escape from Tarkov.

ItÂŽs a pity how this game is abandon of care.

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Community Manager

Hi all,

The Enhanced Edition is still under development, and we will have more details on the future of the game in the future.

Finally some sort of an answer ^^

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That answer i can give to you every day...

Thats all can we expect for an answer of a DEV?

Im very sorry, but i canÂŽt continue defending this game in all forums i visit and also my personal friends. I start to feel shame.

Well at least we know they are still alive
I feel you though... I also feel bad for all the months I ve been defending them when now its pretty obvious that they dont care about the playerbase...
If Streum doesnt come up with really high quality in the end, they have lost my good will on this one


I have to say I was expecting something a bit more concrete.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that work is still on going but having been repeatedly pushed back for literally years now and that EE has been beta tested I would have thought there would be better information available on its release on both PC and console, especially given that many a retailer has apparently attained information from the "supplier" that looks to point at a Q1 2018 release.

Hopefully, SHDW EEd isnt released on 27th March 2018 as many retailers suggest - the same day as FPS behemoth Farcry 5 and a week after Sea of Thieves ... better competing against Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Survive in my uneducated opinion. Hopefully it's finished before aforementioned date, for all our sakes.

Je veux pas ĂȘtre mĂ©chant. Je soutiens ce jeu sur les forums et autour de moi depuis sa sortie malgrĂ© les problĂšmes qu'il a connu mais lĂ ... Quand la sortie de l'EE est toujours annoncĂ©e pour le dernier trimestre 2017 et qu'on est le 21/12 au soir, que le site du jeux ( annonce la sortie console pour 2017 alors que les revendeurs affichent la sortie console pour Mars 2018, que la bĂ©ta fermĂ©e Ă  eu lieu y'a presque 2 mois, que le nombre de joueurs s'approche dangereusement du zĂ©ro, que le dernier carrĂ© de fidĂšles montre lui aussi des signes de lassitude... nous sortir qu'on aura "plus de dĂ©tails sur le futur du jeu dans le futur"... comment dire... ça commence vraiment Ă  ressembler Ă  du foutage de gueule. Alors si vous ĂȘtes tenus par les c.... par je sais pas qui avec dĂ©fense de communiquer et que GW ou Lucifer lui mĂȘme vous impose le silence radio, ben dites nous le. Mais lĂ , NĂ©thĂ©os, Yagovos et compagnie c'est pas super pro votre com. Vous passez pour des brĂȘles et nous qui vous dĂ©fendons avec vous. Ca commence Ă  carrĂ©ment ressembler Ă  du manque de respect pour vos clients (et ça fait plus de 15 ans que je suis dans le commerce). DĂ©solĂ© si je peux paraitre dĂ©sagrĂ©able, mais, comme Rioku, j'en ai un peu marre de passer pour un con auprĂšs de mes potes et autres quand je dĂ©fends votre produit.

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Spacebar does not save everything.

@doomandthepain Honestly I agree. I really want to support this game but with every day that goes by they alienate more and more of their player base. I know it isn't the community team's fault, but the devs or the publisher need to say SOMETHING of actual substance. They don't owe us a product per se, but they spent an entire year promising this quarter. We're almost through it with no word at all, and a pushed back date from retailers. If something happened to slow development, that is more than reasonable, but to expect us to just sit idly by and wait is extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to the fans of the game who preordered it for this holiday season. I really want to stay in this game's corner, but all we get is radio silence and "statements" that basically say nothing and tell us to wait. This PR alone is just awful

@jb0809 I totally agree with you mate. I don't know nor understand why the hell they don't give us some bones. Another glimpsy video, a little footage from a gameplay session,... Whatever which could show us they care of the community and specially the fan base. There may be a good reason to that silence... but for f.... sake!! They at least could explain rather than that ridiculous "more details on the future of the game in the future"! This is just damned pathetic!

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@doomandthepain 100% agree. Im not sure if theres anything else we can do at this point tbh. we just gotta wait and hope that the next news update is a solid release date, and not a cancellation or year long delay

Best companies publish games when they are ready for release.
As in finished product.

Date: How does one set a date when facing a unknown workload?
Ubisoft style perhaps? just release it and few simple hotfixes and main problems are still in the game bought 7 years ago?
It will come when it comes. deadlines have this other side of the coin called bugged up gaming.
If you want that just go play the current version on pc.
Lacks stuff, content, few bugs for some. It is pretty much what you are ordering here.

Talking of space marines when crying like little girls.
How sweet of you.
Snowflake Primaris.

Do you even read what people write?^^
Yeah sure, some statements have been a bit too pessimistic, but almost nobody was asking for them to release it right now... most people would be happy to just hear whats going on and how much of a delay we jave to expect.
A niche multiplayer game like this one lives and falls with its community, and that this playerbase is still this passionate is actually a good sign after all that's been, and therefor it would be a good thing to let the players know that they are appreciated and not simply ignored. I can live with a longer wait, I for sure prefer it instead of a buggy mess, but they at least could tell us that we have to wait for the release of the console-version or something.
I know it can make one feel better and stuff, but there's really no need for such arrogant talk mate.

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"Date: How does one set a date when facing a unknown workload?"

Unknown (ƭn-nƍnˈ)
* adj.
Not known; unfamiliar: a modern-day problem unknown in earlier times.
Not identified or ascertained: received flowers from an unknown admirer.
Not established or verified.

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Then I became Deathwing Devastator.
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You seem corrupted brother
Where's the Chaplain when you need him?!^^

Enhanced Edition was expected to the end of the year.

26 of december, and silence radio...

I have no doubt, Community Manager MUST be fired, if thereÂŽs a Community Manager because the silence for so much time, is not normal.

Good job, i can wait to buy my next game of Focus Interactive and recomend to all my friends and in forums...

"Now available on steam", posted 2h ago. Could be posted more than 1 year ago... Strange sense of humor have people involved...

Not even asking for a solid "when is the release date", literally asking if they have an idea WHEN they can say definitively "this is the release date"

In the depth of immaterium and chaos storms time is very twisted.

It is more than likely it has already been released a week ago but the light of the Astronomican has faded from the realm of Streum.
Warp is relentless and keeps the sector nobility in hostile rhetorical demands and attitude.
Chaos is spreading.
No longer do the impatient ones hear the Song of Salvation(SoS).

One day.


So it is about "later this year". No wonder they cannot fix issues that are troubling this game from the beginning if holding to their time frames and even information updates are beyond their capabilities. Are you satisfied and proud of your work? People have paid you, often in preorder and you can not afford the minimum decency of contact and some explanation.

The screenshot from the official site. Do you even know whats going on or your "work" is beyond your control and abilities?


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