Spintires: MudRunner - One Month Community Update
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Hi everyone,

It's now been a month since Spintires: MudRunner launched, and we're very excited to share with you some of the new features that we're working on to come to the game in the next week or so! In case you missed what was in the last update, please check here.

We currently plan for these features to come to PC next week and to consoles a couple of weeks after. We will introduce full patch notes when the patches launch.

New upcoming features on all platforms:

  • A new optional camera mode, centred on the vehicle.
  • A new autosave system, that will save automatically every five minutes.
  • The ability to look through the back of the vehicle while in cockpit view.
  • Dramatically adjusting the difficulty of loading logs onto a trailer. Players will find it easier to straighten out the truck so that logs can be loaded now.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.

On consoles:

  • Steering wheel support will be introduced! The specifics of the wheels that will be supported will be detailed in the patch notes once the patch goes live, in a couple of weeks.

On PC:

  • More steering wheels will be officially supported, and even more will work, but not all will receive pedal support or controller presets.

  • New keyboard shortcuts so that players can easily switch to the cockpit view.

We're, of course, continuing to update the game past this, with updates such as map workshop support on PC, working mirrors and other additional features coming in the future, as well as additional unannounced content.

Thanks, and we look forwards to bringing you this new update! Please continue to give us your feedback, as we continue to work on Spintires: MudRunner.

See you soon!


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It´s also time to give us a more maps for console!!!

This post is deleted!

Thanks team for the communication. Keep up the great work

@bhorn You may have not meant to sound obsequious, but that's how it comes off.

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@saturn-aufstieg said in Spintires: MudRunner - One Month Community Update:

@bhorn You may have not meant to sound like an **************, but that's how it comes off.

Thanks to stay respectful in this forum. Insulting players won't lead anywhere. Forum rules are here.

Awesome job 30 fps constant and camera those were the only annoying things I've dealt with. I'm excited for whatever you guys come up with in the future killer game great job guys and thanks for the info!

Awesome, can't wait!
Thanks for the heads-up guys! 🙂
For the love of god though, please don't break our maps... 0.0

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I guess obsequious is a no no word, lol.

Great work guys,the game is amazing! Would love in future some dlc for console like new maps and vehicles.thank you !☺

What an update. Not only bits that you guys feel is important, but actually doing what most developers don't and keeping to your word. Love that I'm getting wheel support in the next update. Well done gents

I think you should add pickup trucks and also have it so you can modify all trucks. keep up the good work.

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I love spintires on Xbox one but it gets boring after a while we need new maps and some cooler vehicle like pc has, the game as it is, is great but you loose interest real quick.

Can't wait,I love Spintires Mudrunner

Open fps limit
Seat adjustment
TrackIR 5
I am Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck simulator player 🙂

Thankyou !! Can not wait to see the update ! Awesome game ! Fingers crossed for some new maps on consoles seems alot of people i use to play with on PS4 have gotten board lately not me thow !!

I would rather see a new truck or map addition rather than a new camera view or sterring wheel support on ps4. What good does steering wheel support do if your so bored with the trucks and maps that you dont even want to play

I would like to see mods come in this update and I think alot of other. People would to

I would like to have options for different tires like the old spintires had..

Thanks for the heads up and the continued support. I really liked hearing " as well as unannounced content ". I just wish others would have caught that instead of asking for things in this thread. There are multiple other threads for that kinda thing.

I'm eager to see what the future brings for this game.

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@iyagovos Can it increase more than 4 people online?

I hope there wil be an option to toggle autosave on/off. I have this feeling that the autosave feature will cause games to crash and perhaps even serious lag-spikes in multiplayer .
Other then that i am glad to hear about the improvements. Very curious about the new camera and most definitely interested in the 1st person view.

I do have to admit that im starting to feel some tickles for more content like maps and vehicles. I drove roughly 700-800KM in mudrunner by now and enjoy every second of it. But to be awnest it is starting to get a little - (i dont wanna say boring, its to negative) - easy. Even on just 1 star Hardcore.
Out of the 6 original maps, i have 4 favorites. Crossing-Downhill-Island and Seashore. I love riding the trails, get in to trouble and then save my behind. Great fun! However after a while you just fly thrue the maps.

I dont wanna be that guy that comes to the forum to complain and only posts thinks like 'I want this, and they should give us that.' ...... So i try not to.

Keep the momentum of development going guys.
Big fan of the work.
Much love to the Modders.
World peace and all that...

Would be nice if you could carry on on the map. Such as after delivered logs have to do a fuel run to saw mills and then have to load them up with logs again! Slightly dissapointed in the game with how it just kicks you out after delivered all logs!

Thank you for the update!

@iyagovos said in Spintires: MudRunner - One Month Community Update:

Dramatically adjusting the difficulty of loading logs onto a trailer. Players will find it easier to straighten out the truck so that logs can be loaded now.

By "loading" do you mean packing the truck when there is enough logs inside or putting the logs in the truck with the crane?
Basically, are you talking about less red arrows or less red dots?

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We mean less red arrows. We noticed that many players were having difficulty aligning the truck, so we've reduced the precision needed.

A change in the properties of the wheels is not expected? Tried the modification to put the original wheel, but their width does not allow to use the mod, because have a width of 0.44 in texture values in the editor. That is, strive to go under the ground with the weight of 16 tons.
Using the translator may have to be difficulty in translation.

@iyagovos any news on brakes working with force accel (cruise control) on the bigger trucks? right now only the A class vehicles can use brakes while the feature is turned on. also i am curious about if there will be a fix for maps if exceeding map balance? like with the original, just disabling achievements would be an easy fix so people could still play a maps if they do exceed the balance points.

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ps4 need modz, trucks, maps.. really good game need some updates

Still want to see these:
1.) Proper map mod support in the workshop.
2.) Working mirrors and nicer interior for the cockpit view.
3.) Turn off the "click into cockpit view" and put it on a key button. Now it casues too many missclicks and it is annoying.
I guess the update will fix this. But I'm not sure it will add just a keyboard shortcut or will turn off the clicking too.
4.) While you are in Cruise control you need to "stay in the gearbox" with the mouse. You can't control the camera with the mouse this way, very annoying.
5.) Holding "F" to accelerate with the other vehicle in Driver Winch mode is painful. Especially when you are playing alone and making a caravan. On/Off mode would be so much better.
6.) What happened with the Wheel and Tire options and with the utility crane attachment for the E-7310? We want those back.

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