Custom map - weird grass > cause/fix?

Hey everybody,

I started with a map but noticed something really weird with the grass.
It's all stock textures/materials, all i did was using the geometry tool but then i tested the map and i noticed that in some areas all the grass acts as if the tires are as wide as the truck itself, everything will go flat, but in others areas it's fine.
Things like this annoy me because it looks fake/unrealistic.
Does anybody know what's causing this/how to fix it?

Youtube Video

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Huh, I've never seen that before. did you use 100% grass or is it somewhat randomized?

Also just post the link without anything and it will automatically become the thumbnail.

Thanks for your reply.
It's 100% grass. It's like the very first stage still of the map.
Change stock material(mtrl_base.tga) from grass/dirt to dirt/grass so whole map becomes grass > use geometry tool > save > test in game > and then this happens all over the map in different areas and i don't see any logic as to why it happens in some areas but in other areas it's fine.
Doesn't make sense...

And thanks for the tip on how to post a Youtube video on the forum, i fixed it and works just like you said it would. #ThumbsUp

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Hmm, strange, I never use 100% grass and I've never seen this, actually I don't like using the grass that much, just don't like it. Only way I could think of is by making it less the grass gets smaller and this will get less noticeable?

edit also try switching back the grass and dirt see if that changes it. might be the game recognizes it differently.

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Did you "rebuild terrain" after useing the geomitry tool ?


My guess is you did not do i complete rebuild before loading the map in.

There are new small tendancies to learn about the editor--> I've found that you have to do a full rebuild before anything will turn out as you expect. So yes, I think the "rebuild visible" is broken compared to what we had in ST, but I can live without it.

Rebuild visible is enough for me when working on a small area and I get a geometry error(see through the map) but ALWAYS rebuild the whole terrain before testing. I usually just rebuild terrain every time and save before and after rebuilding. I've burned myself too many times by forgetting to save or the thing crashing or even the computer crashing while rebuilding.

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I usually use "rebuild terrain" all the time, after every single change i make to the terrain by using the geometry tool. And also after changing something else like adding models or changing a river (because after that it also change the lighting/shadows for example).
Maybe sometimes i skip it after a small change and use geometry tool again and then "rebuild terrain" again, and i definitely do it before i save and test the map.

I also posted the same thing in Steam Discussions and someone tried it and got the same weird results.
So it looks to be a bug and not something i'm doing wrong.

Here's what this person on Steam said + a picture he added:
"I was able to replicate this error using default Kraz 255.
Only thing i can think off to fix is use a different base material and add grass using distributions.
Also it was the same as your youtube footage it only does it in different areas not all the time."

alt text

@hirzo I think I've found the problem. it appears that elevation has something to do with it. My map has this same issue at elevation... the higher i go, the more evident this bug is.

I see, that's also in line with what it's like in my video. Well i guess we're just gonna have to make flat maps then 😉 #Don'tNeedNoHills
LoL 🙂

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