PS4 - block skill not working when opponent takes 'both down'

when my opponent uses the block action and they choose both down it seems to ignore my block skill and knock my player down anyway!! It works okay on my turn but its pretty annoying when playing against dwarfs.

Has happened in 3 different games for the duration. Not sure i can play another game without block!

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for the report. Are you sure your opponent didn't have wrestle?

100% happened 3 times last night against a dwarf team with no wrestlers. Even with the blitz action he would keep moving after choosing both down 😞

Focus Team

Hello, do you have a video of this action?
Was it in multiplayer or against the IA?

@netheos I was using a necromantic team and every time i've been against dwarfs it happens

@focus_guillaume I should be able to get the reply of the match off my PS4. Is there a way to upload it? The games were in the open ladder online

Focus Team

I can watch it from the CabalTV menu if I have the name of the 2 teams (and on which round the action occurs).

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