Sugg: switch truck in advanced should have infinite radius

I think its pretty obvious why. You can switch to any unlocked truck in the map, but you cant when you are in a truck? The only detail would be to not allow to switch to locked trucks in sight.

I know its not something very annoying, but this game has a lot of these small details that could be polished and it wouldnt cost much.

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I don't think it's pretty obvious why. So why?

There's an achievement for finishing a game without using the map. Why? Because it's more challenging to have to drive close to a truck before being able to switch to it. There's a challenge in trying to finish your game without using the map to switch trucks or without using the map at all. With infinite radius to truck switching without using the map you could hop over rivers to another truck, quickly jump to a different truck before drowning etc. What you call polish is only about making things easier, in a game that is about things being hard and challenging. I don't call it polish, I call it nerfing 😉

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@shilka That's what he is constantly writing about, some time ago he wanted transparent water.

I didnt ask for "transparent water" exactly. You know what, i dont care, im not even going to try. IF someone wants to understand what I want to say its not that hard.

The limit on truck switching distance is set up similar to the restrictions on winch distance, etc. If I had to guess, I'd say it has to do with draw distance and the "physics bubble" around your truck...

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