Option to use apothecary skipped

I have just played a game and suffered from a pretty annoying bug - one of my players was injured, and the apothecary screen briefly displayed the result of the injury roll (about 0.5 seconds). The option to use the apothecary skipped automatically (as if I had pressed the skip button) except that I hadn't moved the mouse or pressed any key at all.

This is not the first time this has happened to me - I would say it's happened maybe 2-3 times over the last couple of month's play. The first time it happened I dismissed it as a one off 'glitch', but now I am certain it is a serious bug.

Please contact me for more specific info.

I am playing BB2 LE on the PC.

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Same, I have had this bug happen to me twice now. Someone actually rage quit our league a few days ago because of this bug as well.

Here are twitch highlights of the two times it has happened.



Please excuse my language in these videos but its super super frustrating.

Thanks for the videos, I'll send them to the dev (don't worry about the language, we all can see the importance of this issue 🙂 )
We already have a bug ticket on it but the repro is not really consistent so the more the reports the better (the best would be to have a video from the both side when this happening)

Same bug:
Can't use apo after 1 sec waiting. Screen just skipped.
(time - 12:57+)
Youtube Video – [12:57..]

This issue should be fixed in the next update.

So there will be a next patch?!

@mtgip said in Option to use apothecary skipped:

So there will be a next patch?!

Yes, the team is working on it. It's mainly bug fixes though.

Did this patch get deployed to consoles?I just had this issue happen three times in a row on PS4. As a brand new player this was kinda frustrating...