Vast sandbox map!

From mudrunners own website:
"Joining alongside 5 maps from the original Spintires comes a new sandbox map, filled with its own challenges for you to tackle.."

Still no official answer to this?

@bluebirde it is a little misleading statement but there is something to it.... the original spintires came with 5 maps and a 6th map was added in an update (floodzone i believe). So that new map they are talking about is Deluge.

This is kind of what i made out of the whole thing but i could be wrong.
This has been posted before in other threads but no official or conclusive answer has been given.
Hope this helps

Not one of my favorite maps for sure lmao.

@crunky-trunks And the most important thing, its not new.

@iyagovos thank you for the confirmation. I was'nt sure myself either. I do have to pick sides with @BlueBirde this is not a new map as stated in the in the post from Mudrunner themselfs.

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@yo-dude Yep. And its still on their website.

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