theres finally a Mudrunner Plus type APP out there now !!

yeah it works now but did you knotice that the developer took out most of its functionality....on purpose..

no more repair or garage or refuel or much of anything else...pretty much just spawning and scrolling map choice and a few other minor choices..

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Great NEWS...the Mod is back and the DEV that made it listened to me..he has added everything back to the MOD and now theres a 1.6.4.outwe have a menu for it in the mudrunner game settings in the game and we have Spawn and garage and night/day and refuel and repair...and all of them work great and good....I contacted the Dev on the russian website and told him that we all dont use his App for just cheating..some of us just like to use the maps for exploration and to do that we all the functionality of his Mod to do it....he listened to me but he still calls the menu cheats in the settings menu...LOL

does anyone know if the latest version has been released for the most recent patch. I have done a bit of looking around but do not know the original location of the mod