If you put the $20 price tag on it, the game will die almost immediately and it'll be flooded with negative reviews. I'm playing the beta currently and there are issues:

  • huge stutter spikes sometimes (980Ti, 6700k, 16GB RAM)
  • driving that feels like I'm skating on ice
  • parachutes are barely controllable
  • buggy sound; most of the time it feels like someone's nearby when it's just me around
  • extremely lackluster options menu. The sound and gameplay tabs are grayed out and can't be accessed; the graphics options are so basic that it might as well be a mobile game
  • confusing UI

Please, don't release this game in its current state because it'll flop hard. Take your time with it some more. If you want to release it, release it as a F2P game with cosmetic items in it or stuff like that but if put a price tag on it, it'll be the death certificate. The game has huge potential, but not in its current state.