Can't connect to server


Finished a game a few hours ago now and was unable to bring up the post match screen (game just hung loading it for several minutes before I forced it closed).

Now, I'm unable to connect to the game at all and haven't been able to for several hours.

Here are my Management.log and Game00.log files for your reference:

Many thanks,


Nice support.

You'll be pleased to know the issue eventually sorted itself after a couple of days.

I am having the same issue. Reading how it fixed for you after some days I can only imagine that the connection was broken for both of us after the match, and our user stayed logged in, not allowing to relog when we open the game. I don't know much about what I'm talking about, but I'm hoping it's just that!

I just had very similar problem. I could not log in or start the game even in offline mode. There was just "Internal Server Error" response on the "Press Enter" page. What helped was to restart every routers in my household. This happened as well in the past but I could ran it in offline mode at least. Restarting all the routers and extenders or using mobile thethering worked for me.

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