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Impressed with your first map dude. We had fun on it last night.

@smaronenine looks real good keep up the awsome work

@smaronenine Just curious. What was the map size you chose? I'm excited to drive this thing!

@RoughRider i went with 20x20 to start out , And you know your welcome to test it anytime bud.

Looks so realistic! Awesome work and can't wait for workshop support. Really like how you have kept it feeling like a real placeđź‘Ť

Looks great mate! Will you be making this into a logging map?

Also just curious are you using the rocks from the old game? (spuns rocks?)

@kent_bobo thanks man this map is just gonna be a trailing map for now , Maybe eventually ill try a logging map , and yes im useing nix and spuns rocks the ones nix has in his decription on his tutorial videos.

I Released The 1977 Monte Carlo to the workshop and Forces released his 1994 Chevy S10 if anyone is interested , Thanks Guys.....More Coming Very Soon!

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Thumbs up

@smaronenine, Thanks for the mods guys. I'll be subbing them asap. 🙂

2 New Release's Released to the Workshop!

SmarOneNine - 1985 Chevy K5 Blazer
Forces - 1985 CUCV M1009

Both versions are the same appearence wise , However my version is Gas powered and Forces version is Diesel powered.

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@SmarOneNine Can we have a list of what colors have what tires? 🙂 Loving them so far! and an XJ!! Now I'm going to have some fun!

Sure Man , all the trucks by colors -
Red & Gray - SS tires / Red & White - Bogger tires / Blue & White - Ground Hawgs tires / White - Baja Tires

alt text

Just gotta give WrenchinMonkey a big shout out and say thank you for taking the time to make me the sign model for my map! it looks great man! really appreciate it.

alt text

alt text

@smaronenine anytime brother!!!! glad you like it..maps Legit keep it up

Welcome to Mudrunner Hades! (COMING SOON)

alt text

@smaronenine, Sweet. I like that big Chevy. Been waiting to try that. 1+

@tattoo Thanks Man , Yes that Chevy is Coming Soon......Also going to be releasing my very first map real soon as well , All will be posted on this topic.


I can't get enough of that TJ I've been using it for testing , and it's one heck of a crawler. You should release a couple regular colors with different tires.

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Thanks Rider , Ill run the color idea by Forces thats his baby but your right it does need a few more color options.


The best thing about it to me is how you guys run such a small tire, and it still is so capable with lot's of travel. I just wanted an excuse to have more tire options xD

The 2008 Chevy Duramax (HADES) Has Been Released!
Hope you all enjoy it! Check Out My Release Video! Thanks Guys.

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The 1982 Dodge Ramcharger Has Been Released!
Hope you all enjoy it! Check Out My Release Video! Thanks Guys.

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