Please @Forces tell @SmarOneNine to rest well and get better 💪 hope he will be back on his feets in a blink of an eye.

After a 4 day stay at the local hospital, I'm back home and healing! Still Pretty Sore but Feeling a lot better and I really can't thank everybody enough for the kind words and support it means a lot.

news from @SmarOneNine
he is back home! doing good with test and problably going to be back at the forum for a update directly from him, but for now he has to take things slow while he recovers

Modeling updates
some work done on the fj, mostly interior again.... damn blackouts!
but finally finished the hard top and now im going to start the Base model soft top, as you can see lots of stuff has been done including some seats ,wich took allot of time to model lol, (FJ Stock seats are Unicorns in a good shape)
also the Blueprints dont match because old japanese Blueprints are always hand made and never use the same scales, so i used the one thats the closest to the one I used for the HJ47 (and Yes i shortened the nose from HJ to FJ Diesel to Gas basically)
0_1555382328019_Imagen2.jpg 0_1555382391763_Imagen1.jpg

@smaronenine good to hear mate.. get well soon.
@Forces looking good mate

Damn!!! I’m glad you’re okay man!!! @SmarOneNine

@SmarOneNine, It's great to hear you are out of the hospital and on the mend. I hope you are back to 100% real soon.

Forces didn't you also get in a car crash not to long ago too? Dang, y'all must have some bad luck. Wish best of luck to both of y'all.

yeah, the first week of december was a bad one too

Feeling much better guys thanks , Doc told me to take it easy for awhile so thats what ive been doing , Pretty much just been laying around catching up on movies ive put off for to long so it could be worse i guess , And hey i jumped on steam the other day and was overwhelmed at the notifications from everyone sending there get wells its much appreciated....I guess if there is one positive outta all this it was my left arm that took the breaks and im right handed so it wont be long ill be back in the mix , lol

@smaronenine, Good to hear you're ok. Thankfully it was a company truck, right, and not your car.

@tattoo Yeah considering i just bought my car i would have been pissed lol , But seriously though had it been the car the outcome could have been worse i think.

@SmarOneNine Ok thats good. How long has the doctor said you need to rest for?

@riskywisky Im nearly back to normal again other then my arm and having to wear this cast for at least 8 wks , and also my next check up is on the 24th im hoping to be able to start driving again but they have to check my head again first because of that bump i took , so im getting there.

The rarest Model in all internet 97 to 01 Jeep XJ no wonder was a pain to model that front Grill its for @terminatorx58 , i might do a 2 door some day too lol


Off topic Content---->
I want LocalHost To be the dev of mud runner Now!
Spintires New Update Features

this gets me atracted to st and the fact that is still keeping the old Minimu Requirements is a + for my pc lol
but on a side note, i would miss all the animations i have as stock on mud runner...lets see what does the future holds for ST again...How do you mod ST again lol?

pm for discusion
Back on topic--->

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@forces, Man, That Jeep looks frickin' GREAT!!! You Da Man!!

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It is absolutely beautiful!!! Great work man @Forces
Cannot wait to get my hands on it. The Sasquatch of all 3d models lol

i finally understoof how to enable reshade in spintires haha
0_1555855634904_20190420224310_1.jpg 0_1555855764166_20190420224400_1.jpg

@forces, That looks good. I have the latest version installed and found the box to enable it but after re-starting the game, I don't see any difference. I hit the 'Home' key on my keyboard to go into the reshade settings and don't see anything that can be adjusted so I dunno what to do with it. I tried reshade a while ago as a separate install and it looked great. I wish I could get it working in this new version because I really like the looks of it. Maybe you can help me out to get it going.

@tattoo I think I found a workaround in the "SpinTiresMod How To Install and Discussion"
Still having some fps issues and I might have got a few useless shaders in there, the effects should only be 10 or so. If you want I can post the link to where I got the pack and maybe someone can clear the useless ones out.

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