Dat live rear axle tho...
11ses for days!

Some of my last builds
Nissan patrol wagon (I made 2 haha one for surge but ill only show mine for now)
black-gq-tough-dog-2-800.jpg 20190923173041_1.jpg

and also the sponsored build for the garage
20190924221916_1.jpg 20190924221654_1.jpg

Zip ties Toyota VDJ79
20190924203358_1.jpg 20190924203136_1.jpg 20190924175656_1.jpg

and finally i got a update on the garage build and they have the cage done for it
so i put in in engine tho they changed the engine plans
20190925113949_1.jpg 20190925113944_1.jpg 20190925113827_1.jpg

Eunos JC Cosmo! Needs 3-rotor Wenkel under the hood! 🙂

@Forces Cool!!! I whish my brother would be interested on these kind of stuff. He only wants to Party and play DOTA2.

Wow, that's awesome, especially for a first time.