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More Mods released! 08 Silverado / 75 G10 Van / 72 K5

Thanks for releasing this boys @Forces & @SmarOneNine

S19 Blazer K5 > AW Blazer
I missed that rig, used to jam around in that thing all the time! 🙂

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i get My internet back and can keep track of comments/updates

Only just noticed that @Forces said this, cant wait for you to be back! 🙂

@ Force19Mods: i noticed that it took 4 hours before all the re-released mods are on the russian site(they don't screw around over there). Really glad to see you guy's back at it!!! __Rufus

@rufus yeah man it cant be helped , just know we only upload to steam so support us there.

@smaronenine yeah, pretty sad that even Focus can not stop (or has not stopped) them from giving their game and paid DLC away. i am sure that has put some sort of dent in Focus's projected income, which in turn of course puts a dent on the future of MR2 to some extent or another.

orange-1968 / red-1970 / blue-1972 Chevy K10 Just released to the workshop


Hey SmarOneNine, I love the car hauler, super cool.

Hey Forces, That little D90 is going to be sweet, can't wait to see it in a mod.

Just an Update.

I've run outta ideas at the moment on my map Marstoney so it's on the shelf for just a little while until something comes up, But like probably every map maker here I always have more than just one map I'm working on at a time, I actually have like 4 going at the moment and when I have enough to show ill post screens.

I'm Doing a new test/obstacle map for everyone if you are familiar with my old test maps, 'Smar's Flex Yard' (which was never finished) and 'F19 Testing Grounds' (which I was never happy with) this new one will get finished and will be a lot better with lots more to do, I'm focusing of course on testing mods for the mod makers but also having other stuff to do like running obstacles,jumps,climbs,mud pit,some crawl sections and maybe even a race track idk yet.

also, I still have some newer F19 mods to release in the coming weeks.
( 2008 Chevy HHR Crawler / 1959 Chevy Apache / 1996 Jeep Cherokee )

And of course when Forces gets back Online he has a lot to share from his personal collection of old and new mods.

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So i wonder Focus is part of farming simulator games, Farming simulator is at the moment the only game that cant have its stuff ripped from the game (stock game items) so could that be applied to this game?, just wondering

more work done to the land rover, next stop, custom parts and trailer addon, wheels and rims just finished no pic right now

A lot of things could be done to this game, but that's one dead horse that's been thoroughly flogged already, amirite?
I think the removal of the file extension once a mod is published is as close as we'll get, which (obviously) still doesn't do anything to prevent ripping the files... 😕
Encrypting the mod's zip file might be an option, but who knows how that might affect the current "mod-friendly" environment...

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Update Time
Just gotta do a trailer and some addons and its ready to be animated and textured
alt text

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Update Time
Just gotta do a trailer and some addons and its ready to be animated and textured

Man, "boy" is getting really cool, I love it!!!
Awesome work @Forces,......keep it up,.....can´t wait to have it in my hands!!!! 😉
If possible, please add some more pictures,.......Thanks in advance!!

Best regards,

Paulo - RCBuzz

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@rcbuzz you wont be dissapointed man.

Absolutely agree. Forces' work is always top-shelf! 🙂

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@RCBuzz lol i had that one only here is what I did today after I came home

almost ready im going to re use the Trailer from the JK and finish the central console and some bits of the interior
right now sitting at 130K poly with wheels lol, kinda high poly IMO but good for low/mid specs pcs

alt text
alt text
alt text

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@RCBuzz i made a Mistake with the dash and Hood hinges here are the real update pics
alt text
alt text
and youll see more work, next stop center console and doors details , next animating this monster

@RiskyWisky nope thats Win7 lol, the new pc runs 7 64x

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