@8up-local, That's cool. I've never seen one of them.

Built-in Memory of My Dad...The 1996 Jeep Cherokee is Now Available in the Steam Workshop.
And as I've said before this mod means a lot to me so thanks for this one more than any @Forces



The Beast was released,....... 😉

Now available in the Steam Workshop:

2000 Land Rover Defender D90 - Mod Built By - > Forces <
alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

alt text

Thanks a lot for everything @Forces!!! 😉

I'll admit I never really understood the attraction to Land Rovers (most of the stock ones I'd been exposed to on this side of the pond didn't exactly appear very capable offroad) but this gives me a whole new appreciation for the tastefully modified ones! Thanks for broadening my horizons @Forces and @RCBuzz !

So I just gotta say something,

Its been a long, rough day at work today actually it's been a long, rough week so far to be honest and it still isn't over but anyway I got home today and relaxed for a bit then turned the laptop on to make my usual rounds and checking my sites/steam etc....When I got to youtube to see if anyone had any new videos I noticed my boy 'RockRunner Gaming' had a new video up featuring the newly released Jeep Cherokee and he Entitled it 'In Memory Of Smar's Dad' So of course I'm gonna watch it and I have to say it really made my day, For anyone who didn't read the description of the Jeep on Steam My Old Man loved his Cherokee and always had his George Jones in the Cd player.

I don't think he's a member here at the forums but I still have to give a huge shout out to one of the best dudes I know in the community, RockRunner Gaming, That was a very thoughtful thing to do and I appreciate it more than you know. Thanks Man.

Check out his Channel Guys and Sub.

Youtube Video

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@smaronenine yeah he is a member here @rockrunnergaming i see rock in spuns stream chat sometimes, well when i actually make it myself anyway. lol

A little update on the new WIP map from S19, As I said in my last update I put Marstony on hold for a while and decided to continue working on a test map that I've had on the burner for some time now, Well what started as just a simple squared in area introducing some new models to test mods on has turned into a lot more I've decided to expand it into not only testing mods but having some obstacle runs / casual trailing, logging, crawling, climbing, jumping, and more! Still a lot of work left but it's getting there, Coming Soon.








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@SmarOneNine looks sweet! 🙂 cant wait to try it out

Gave the Map update in my last post here's an Update from Forces with the Mods.
2012 Toyota Land Cruiser 79 and The 2008 Chevy Silverado.




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Chevy looks killer, bud! Excited for that beast to release! 😃

Try your hand at some independent front suspension on that Silverado?

yeah I've been out, for many reasons
Number 1 I cant leave my house, the goverment started taking teenagers and childs to recruit them and for that my brother and I are completly locked at home, but soon it will all end
2 internet acces its restricted even for librarys
Image from Near my work
alt text

that extends for 3km and people walked even on highways
so yeah #PrayForVnzla

Mod updates, I guess you saw Venom, thats just a small idea of what is comming for now My mods each day grow bigger and even more bad ass

Venom Render
alt text
alt text
Who ever calls this a Duramax, will get punished! its a Viper V10 Engine Swap #BecauseDodge

Next array are,Lunar Tech K100 6x6 LC79,J60 or J80 Maybe, MJ,XJ se,JKU, 84 F150 & F350,D110 007 Edition and Thanks to @Tattoo For the awesome tutorial he sent me maybe one last Kseries Rebuild, His leafs Tutorial its the best and much more can be achieve now thanks to him

Pc Updates, the heat its still a issue so i ordered the new cpu fan and some thermal compound

next stop may be a 1030gt or getting my pc to 8gb ram because substance and My gts450 are enemies when it comes to big models and I know it will be a issue with the new mods that im developing and all the stuff they're getting

@Mexican_420 Nah hate IFS it looks cool but its horrible to get animated properly and axle swaps are just awesome but who knows maybe a TTB Ford will come soon i just need to get the _cdts to work right on it 😉 😉
@RCBuzz Im glad you liked it man

@smaronenine @Forces the single cab looks sweet.. i cant wait. 🙂 & that silverado looks beastly, sad to hear whats happening over there bud @Forces , hope all is good with you and your brother.. times will get better just gotta hang in there

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2008 Chevy HHR Crawler - Now Available in The Steam Workshop!


My New Map 'Facility' is Now Available in The Workshop.

What started out as a small simple test map expanded into a little bit of everything with this one, You will find some obstacle runs / casual trailing, logging, light crawling, light climbing, jumping, mudding and of course the testing facility...And please keep in mind this is not a difficult map at all its not what I was going for with this build, This is a very simple testing/trailing map with very casual trailing/logging and that's exactly what I was going for.






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@smaronenine looks quite good, gonna go for a run on it later, love the gate 🙂

Rolling out goodies one after another, thanks

@mexican_420, Is that your mod? It looks good man.