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@mr-fritchley most of the stuff in this topic has been released already by @SmarOneNine @RcBuzz or @JustCallMeSurge but the ones I make for myself haven't (except the Cherokee), there isn't a date for my mod to be released yet mostly because I dont have internet and what is going on in my country specially in my state where protest are some of the bigger ones delays almost all actions to get it back either because there aren't open ports or phone lines where stolen (for the copper in the cables) ( yeah that low they cam get just to make money) and thus the service month payments go higher and higher wich qas the reason why i went offline i wasnt able to pay it back then now i can but there aren't any services for hiring ATM for the previous reasons

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Updates I made the long bex and started debuging the Frame extension codes but for now its still a short box
10_1550248018107_20190215014522_1.jpg 9_1550248018106_20190215013750_1.jpg 8_1550248018105_20190215013730_1.jpg 7_1550248018104_20190215013703_1.jpg 6_1550248018103_20190215013621_1.jpg 5_1550248018102_20190215013611_1.jpg 4_1550248018101_20190215013556_1.jpg 3_1550248018100_20190215013545_1.jpg 2_1550248018099_20190215013459_1.jpg 1_1550248018097_20190215013448_1.jpg 0_1550248018094_20190215014553_1.jpg

some of the cool Features this mod has its a interior that never gets wet (FPV or outside view) since its a extra part of the model (not a addon, some know what im talking about ) thanks to @Mexican420 for the idea behind that achievement

p.d it Im not liking any tires on it atm im working again my ground hawgs to have wide tires on this mod , also i might add fender flares on it (off road ones not HD dually Flares)

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@forces, Yeah Forces. That is sweet as sin even if you don't get a long bed for it. But if you do make the fender flares, I hope it's an add on because I think it looks better with out them. I'm not a big fan of the way they look. The mod is looking bad ass tho. 🙂

@forces what a super clean build! The interior goes without saying. I really like this one Forces! 👍

@forces Wow man, That must be the best looking chrome I've seen yet in the game. Youre mods are starting to look better than any we've seen yet. You are unstoppable. @SmarOneNine Thanks for helping forces get that awesome texturing software.

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Project Optimus Chevy it's alive! I needed 3cdts to extend the frame (frame suspension, then bumper supports for bumper add-ons and lights because I want realism in that too) and even better the setup of the suspension in short mode lets me crawl rocks and in long mode since my center of mass gets offset ( box_cdt has it's own center of mass) it benefits driving with a trailer ( I added my s10 trailer just to test my suspension setup on long mode) pics soon

Sounds like a complicated build, I bow to your superior skills sir! XD

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@Mexican_420 its easy stuff actually,Hulk or his Stocking version with cdt constraints has even more complicated stuff i just have to find a way to lock the sliders in place because the terminalFix isn't strong enough to hold the half of the truck in place once I add any if their boxes (Even if I use 2 pairs for each side ( they are set to attract each side of the truck --> <-- )

@forces said in Force19Mods:

Hulk or his Stocking version with cdt constraints

What is that Forces? I'd like to see that.

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Hulk it's my Jeep TJ crawler and I made one before that one back in Spintires Wuch is a White TJ that has a much more complicated Cdt suspension setup ( its old so that's why I made It like that) I also have a 2 door Cherokee With collision axles too
They're on my workshop if you want to try them, just don't recall them or recover then in the garage or they will glitch/implode I never could find out why

Edit: I figured how to lock the slider in place, just had to offset the pivot point of the constraint ( I have it centered in 0;0;0 so their better off mass is the same as the main cdt for crawling capabilities and once extended it gets out of place and gives a better and more rigid suspension for work capabilities)

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@forces, It may be easier to just make 2 trucks, huh, even tho being able to code that is cool as sin. 🙂 Sorry to have put you on a mission, man. lol

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@forces, It may be easier to just make 2 trucks, huh, even tho being able to code that is cool as sin. 🙂 Sorry to have put you on a mission, man. lol

build two versions? where is the challenge in that though? 🤔 lol 😉

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Just so everyone knows ive been sharing mod ideas with @Forces for 3 years now and everytime i suggest something that i dont think he can do he often times does it and does it better lol , Challenging him on a Mod build is why IMO hes gotten so good and better in that time.

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@8up-local @Tattoo I like to be challenged or put it myself to see what can be done with this game

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As you can tell by the no moving water river this is a very early screenshot lol, But a new S19 map is in the works.
More Details and Screens Coming.


@smaronenine okay im sorry, but this one picture puts my whole map im working on to shame.. lol amazing work, love the detail in it 🙂

@justcallmesurge Thanks Man but don't sell yourself short yours is looking very nice as well.

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For those who haven't seen it @JustCallMeSurge Released the FJ47 crawler on steam

alt text

Updates on My Chevy... Its done yeah lol I was going to add a rifle and a shotgun in the back window but i dont know how all the donators think about guns so i didnt added them instead added stickers including a Optimus Chevy sticker
5_1550760797001_20190218145320_1.jpg 4_1550760797000_20190218145315_1.jpg 3_1550760796999_20190216160511_1.jpg 2_1550760796982_20190216160431_1.jpg 1_1550760796982_20190216160422_1.jpg 0_1550760796981_20190218145343_1.jpg

Both Long and Short version

so whats next, a crawler version lol wich its also almost done
3_1550760869107_20190220234846_1.jpg 2_1550760869107_20190220234642_1.jpg 1_1550760869106_20190220234621_1.jpg 0_1550760869106_20190220235122_1.jpg

I love this part of my my latest works

That Chrome Look , both 2 trucks have been retextured like 20 times just to get that shine and scrathes on the surface (Specular and diffuse, once i add the normal maps it looks horrible)

I dont have any request after this so i will be reworking my Jeeps (xj,xj se,yj and MB) for turbosquid

Edit: Hey second place in most reputated user , thanks guys 734 likes by now

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