pretty much all maps, Its now Friends only check my workshop

Edit 2001 Hulk Crawler Jeep TJ

Yep. Same here with your TJ

alt text

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Edit 2001 Hulk Crawler Jeep TJ

That looks sweet! Subbed

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@tattoo the TJ stock is actually one of the most complex cdt setups i have made since it has like 8 double contraints and even more <Body> tags on each axle and the hubs and Hydro are cdt based too so as the swaybars

the XJ collision axle does the same and its a more simple setup, i wonder whats the diference with your setup and mine

@forces, Not sure but I didn't do any steering arms. Just the axles, shocks/spring and control/link arms. Trailing arms? Not sure what to call em. It's on the ws.

Tat_Suspension 15 & 16

@tattoo I only did the axles (with help from forces because I didn't have a clue of what I did and what it all ment at first XD) and its freaking out, also I had to make the handbrake attached to all 4 wheels because it couldnt hold the truck on a steep hill (it still rolls down but more slowly).

limiting the game to 2gb might count as one timebomb imo, I never had a crash for ram limiting bc im a 2gb 32bit user but still most of my friend have 64bits pc's and over 4gigs and they always crashing their games if they force the game with one of those High poly mods

this is like a signature of me playing lol
Floor is Lava Pic
Mud runner
alt text

Spintires Classic

alt text

alt text


My New Map 'DETOUR' has been In Testing And has been Getting Really Good Feedback! So I'm Hoping to Release It By Late Tonight or Sometime Tomorrow! at least that's the plan but I Still got Some Small Tweaks, Minor Fixes, And Touch Ups.

Huge Thank You To @Tattoo For The Amazing Model Work!
And Thanks to @Forces / @ganjamajic420 / and Rockgunner Gaming For Testing and Feedback.



Looks awesome, I can't wait to try it.

i might have a attention disorder

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

who needs blueprints! I got all I need Right

Btw yes Is a chevy 1ton truck (the first of the C/K series)

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I love everything Bowtie Force! Well maybe not everything they do make Aveo's lol

The old Chevy 1 ton would be cool but you'll need to put some Super Swampers on it for sure. 😁

(Pretty sure I know what it is Forces but I feel id be cheating if I say it lol)

Detour is Now Released! Hope you all enjoy!

Youtube Video

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@forces, It looks like a Chevy 4-door dully but couldn't tell ya what year.

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@forces Chevy dualie??

Yes. I wasn't sure how to spell it and that's what the spell checker came up with. lol I thought it had an A in it.

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@rufus @Tattoo yes the Chevy Kodiak C4500 is now being textured thos two textures are my edges and crevices occlusion maps still two more maps to go fro dust and final Body texture mixing all three textures + the diffuse colors