venezuelan economy exploited, basically 1$ = 3.5m bs and going up (what i make in a week working 5hrs)
so 165$ was a good amount to buy/build this pc (it was built by someone else and he sent it to me) the store makes packages of systems and you select what you want to add and they give you a price and maybe a discount

a 4gb ram is 170m (millions) so thats why i only have 1 since most of the price of my build was the case the screen and ram the rest had discounts

Hey Forces, I'm so glad to hear you got the new PC up and going. That's great new for sure.

Hey Guys, Little Update...
So you probably have noticed my inactivity as of late on the forums/youtube/steam/map/mods etc I've certainly got plenty of messages from friends asking where have I been and hoping everything is all good (thanks for that)...Well its because my real life has been a nightmare these last couple of months from having a family member pass, my wife having surgery (appendix removal) which was a success shes doing great , being in a minor car accident with a friend (no one was hurt , minor cuts and bruises) and still working my ass off to catch up on bills all while trying to save to move into a new place in August, Very Stressful to say the least , But I still got my chin up and things are finally settling down.

On another note...
Haven't touched any of my map projects in weeks but ill be getting back into editor real soon...Got a pair of maps in the works very early stages though.

I also bought Mudrunner for my Xbox One at the local Pawn Shop for a whopping $5.00 lol, Couldn't pass up that price! So If there are any console players in here which I know there is wanna do up some MP sometime hit me up my Gamertag is the same as my steam/Forum name. (just send me a message first I don't accept random FR) Now I fear ill be turning into one of those guys b/tching about there being no mods on consoles. lol

Also Congrats on the New PC @Forces.

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@smaronenine happy to hear, that you and your loved one's are on the mend. and looking forward to your return.

so after a couple of hours I manage to do my first map ever with a heightmap of a volcano and some help from from friends i will be working it a bit more before sending it over to a friend for him to upload it. Now I need help about someting

How do i make this type of trails, it used to be a overlay but i tried them all with no sucess

see how its splited in the middle, just like the small trail behind you when you load the proving grounds map

@forces experiment with the grass_road (and its files). Its has the "sticking-up" middle part. (or rather, the two tracks digging in)

@joridiculous ok ill try that, also how can i join road overlays? they seem to go one over the other in a ugly way noth smooth like in the stock maps

@forces I think the materials textures must be the same. Generally you dont want overlays to overlap.
I did this some time ago:
0_1530978656060_Screenshot (1300).jpg
0_1530978673740_Screenshot (1301).jpg
0_1530978679640_Screenshot (1302).jpg
Took me a while to get it smooth. (Think the terrain helps out so one overlay is "below" os something. )

When in doubt use boggers
GanjaMagic420 upcomming mod
alt text

Forces< Paradise 90% done My first map ever (really not even test maps just adding and deleting stuff to try them out in the same map)

its called paradise because it mixes my stock asset likings (trails,mud,hills,log run strategy) and the idea of it was to make a map with the closest sensation to a actual stock map

it will be public after heavy testing has being finished

full view
alt text

1st section Log highway
alt text
2nd section the forest trails
alt text
3rd section the touge and fuel side
alt text
4th section the high lands (left side of the pic... is really short)
alt text

Looking good Force! didn't I say you could make a map? lol

Hey Forces,
That new map looks awesome, Can't wait to try it out.

Oh and I love the old K5.

@forces said in Force19Mods:

When in doubt use boggers
GanjaMagic420 upcomming mod
alt text

I love this F150, reminds me of my 84 Bronco I had back in the day.

@justafordguy that's not a k5 that's a ford f150 bud.

@smaronenine said in Force19Mods:

@justafordguy that's not a k5 that's a ford f150 bud.

Hey Smar, Yeah I was talking about the blue 69 - 72 K5 in the map video. It's nice for a Chevy. 😁

@justafordguy ok I was gonna give you shit because of your name and calling it a k5 lol , I just noticed force posted his video.

the Monster ford
still needs some eye candy animated parts but its getting them soon
alt textalt textalt textalt text