3 mods removed from my to do/ finish them! list In a week, ah hell No! way im letting a my favorite truck be taken
1994 Chevy S10 SAS ... Cummins Swap ... Yeah had to do it dont judge me ❤
Plans for it

  • No idea for paints
  • Full steering animations
  • More Eye Candy and animations than the jeep
  • M416 trailer or something a bit bigger
  • 35in 12 R15 maybe 36 12 R15 tires because this doesnt need to complament for smaller parts of the driver LOL
  • TeraFlex Radius Arms
  • Worktruck/Trail truck
    My famous S10 Cummins Longer Brother
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

with references
alt text

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Hey Forces, That S10 is sweet!!

I just wish I could figure out how to get my suspension to work in-game. It works in Blender but not in the game. Anyone have a step by step tutorial on how to get a simple suspension to work for Mudrunner using Blender?

@Tattoo thanks man

@JustaFordGuy pm your user name or add me on steam, its really easy depending of the blender you have

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@forces Well I can't figure out how to send you a PM here and I don't have Steam on my work PC. 😞

@justafordguy go to his profile and click the "Chat" button below his avatar pic.

W.I.P - 'BajaOneNine' - New Map By Me - Coming Soon. (being tested)
The VW Beetle Buggys are the reason/inspiration for this Map Build - The buggy in video will not be released that's my personal buggy mod, However a public version will be coming soon!

Youtube Video

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@smaronenine will be a joy to check this out when released.

@8up-local you can take a test run whenever you want man , just hit me on steam ill send you a link.

hay SmartOneNine i got mudrunner plus working my game files are in my AMD files when i down loaded the mod it was in my pc files and it would not find the game but when i put the mod in my AMD files it picked it up and started working

That looks great Forces!! I especially like that you guys do working steering arms and hubs. That makes it look more realistic and is a great enhancement to the mod. I wish others would do that too now that PZ made it easier to do.

Your 1942 Willys MB is my new favorite mod now. Thanks for the great mod work!!

BTW, are ya'll doing tire tracks now that PZ fixed it? I see some Russian modders doing it now.

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@smaronenine got a few things going on here, maybe next week or so... thanks for the offer though.

Wow, that turned out awesome.!!

@Tattoo Yeah since i saw the bones and xmls in the demo I had a good Idea of what to make with them, im working on Hydro steerring and how to animate them on the trucks same with steering dampers (not sure if thats the name but like bregel did on his Landcruiser 70) i made one like that for a Dodge Ram 2500 Single cab mod i keep private and thanks man glad you like the jeep, and i tried but never got to make one, i have no idea how they work
if you're intrested the tires I use the most for my mods and Smar's mods are Bfg Krawler, MT Baja claw and Ground Hawgs

Lots of Updates from Myself and Forces!

New Screen From My New Map!
alt text

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@smaronenine wow, i hope that gully/valley area is a trail too. lol

new site layout is looking pretty good there Smar.