i've been gone becasue of power issues...again, but yeah that fj has been done like 4 times, because everytime power cuts out while working on it i just loose the file and have to start from 0 again

@forces, Man, that blows. Can't you save as you go and have some of the work you've done. Save like every 10 minutes or so. I tend to do that myself because of crashes but forget many times and lose work myself. DOH!!!

Good to see you back nd that you're safe. I worry about you.

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I worry about him too, but for entirely different reasons... XD
Seriously though, I am glad to see somewhat regular posts so we can breathe that sigh of relief knowing that @Forces is still alive and (relatively) well.

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@Mexican_420 @Tattoo thanks guys

@Tattoo blender ill start making save states, blender autosaves every 2 minutes or when you exit a edit mode on a mesh
and yeah still alive!

some updates and works I did to the fj last night
0_1555003962086_Imagen1.jpg 2_1555004003082_Imagen4.jpg 1_1555004003081_Imagen3.jpg 0_1555004003080_Imagen2.jpg
ignore the weird looking windows , that how they look while i work on my models LOL

That FJ is looking great.

here are some pictures of what version im doing
(those are all BJ40 but the diference is the region and year), FJ40s are from the 1980 and BJ40s are prior to those (bigest diference is the seats door pannels and grill, square grills are BJ40s and Rounded ones are FJ40s in Venezuela we have both version but in the US you got only the Fj40 and it came in the 80s) and unlike many people think they all came with I6 engines
the versions im doing are,

  • the base Model (no top, or doors)
  • Hard Top
  • LWB version of the Hardtop
  • Soft top
  • and custom Base model

the main reason being that turbo recognizes all versions as diferent models and can be uploaded lol, and theyre cars that i have wanted to do before (ever since i did the FJ45 TTC for Surge)
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

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Like I said before, we don't get any of the cool 4x4s here in the US anymore.☹

@justafordguy idk, we are finally getting the Ranger back. i may be biased though since i am bit of a Ranger fan.

With the atrocious scores the Jeep Wrangler received in the NCAP crash tests, I'm surprised they're allowed on our continent... lol
Kinda glad the NHTSA crash test standards are a little bit more forgiving!

@8up-local said in Force19Mods:

@justafordguy idk, we are finally getting the Ranger back. i may be biased though since i am bit of a Ranger fan.

I'm a big truck guy (F350) when it comes to my daily driver but the new Ranger does look kinda cool. I can't wait to see one fixed up for offroad.

@justafordguy lol same. 94 F350, but i like the little guys. hella fun to drive. lol 😜

whats up guys heres a update not from me but from @SmarOneNine
earlier this week he was in a car accident while driving his truck at work,not his fault but a car ran a red light and hit him on the passenger side, and right now he is in the hospital and recovering from a bad concussion and a broken wrist and elbow, so far he is doing good and is awake and alert, still tired and under tests, more updates will come soon by him if possible, im concerned about him but doctors say his good and the test are giving good results

Thanks for the heads up, hope @SmarOneNine is okay! 😥

Dang Smaronenine, sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you get out of the hospital soon.

Get well soon brother.

i'm very concerned, as we all are.. My thoughts and prayers are with you, get better soon.

best wishes and thoughts out to you both you fellas.

smar you heal well and force you stay safe man. 🙏🏽

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The good people get the biggest shit....
Hope he gets better soon💪🏽