Hey Guys, Just a quick update on some slow but going map projects,

Eastcoast Trailing - So I've decided that the best way to finish up this map is to take on a partner to collab on the rest, the map is about 65% done but I've now passed over the files to RockRunner Gaming so he can add his style to the map, More on this coming soon.

Also after looking through my workshop I decided that my very first map build Oxford County Trails needs a complete Rebuild! So that's what I've started, But I'm not using the old prebuild files and just tweaking, I'm completely Rebuilding the map from the ground up with basically the same layout but improved and new stuff added throughout, Ill have more pictures on this soon.

Oxford County Trails - Original

Oxford - Remade - (Early Preview)

In The Editor - Just to show everyone it's getting a complete rebuild.

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Glad to see you getting back into the swing of things @SmarOneNine !
Excited to see how these projects turn out!

Hey guys here is a update on the patrol for Ziptie
SO far the body has been redone 2 times but im finally happy with it and now moving into the interior parts, yes there will be a stock version and a custom version as usual with my latest builds
Imagen4.jpg Imagen3.jpg Imagen2.jpg Imagen1.jpg Imagen5.jpg

also some extra screens
20190520001424_1.jpg 20190522191248_1.jpg

update time
latest work on the patrol
Imagen1.jpg Imagen2.jpg Imagen3.jpg

I also remade the Baja Claw and now they look even better than before (the past one was really low poly)

and when the ideas dont flow i re work models to upload them to turbosquid
1991 LC 75.jpg

and also practice new stuff say hello to the blender composite post procesing node editor

making that room render took 35mins lol and its not even a high quality render like the LC on wich took 10min and has far more polygons

Have you tested the new Baja Claw on a truck in the editor yet to see if it mirrors properly? I ended up having to do a left side mesh and a right side mesh, otherwise the directional tread pattern was backwards on the right side...

i havent thested yet, but i never ran into that issue before, then again the past version of this thread was so low poly that it didnt even had the V shape on the thread, let me test, the TSL SS on the k10 are directional pattets too and those seem to work fine... i think, nice eye on the small details again @Mexican_420

Bad News for all Future releases for both Spintires and Mud runner

since the Spintires Ban of my mods I havent directly released any of my mods other than for friends or donators, but all of my request have been putted out, and i strongly encourage people to learn to make mods, model and animate thats why i've made so many tutorials and still will continue to make more and more because i want to set a bar for mods and want people to be able to go over it with ease and yet still make a great mod... but thats the issue great mods mean great models wich will catch the eye of those who are lazy and decide to go the easy way and get a program to steal...

  • what Happened
    Some models got stolen, models that have many hours burn into them From profesional or just users Like Bretts Chevy models

2 of the best models i've seen, have been stolen, ignoring all of the hard work that
@Spun put into them those 2 were the Bronco and Suburban

  • is this something new?

this is something i constantly complaint to developers, make a way to protect your files, why if farming sim can have we cant? why gta v can and we cant, a game driven by the comunity should have a way to protect their files!

  • is F19 taking any action?

Yes we will and as Team @JustCallMeSurge @SmarOneNine @Aus @rcbuzz and I decided to delete or set to friends only all of our mods and also clean our friends list to leave the close friends

  • why is this diferent?
    Some of the models are being sell for 150$ in Gta V forums, and I didnt minded when my k5 got stolen back in spintires for a gta sa mod but this time is diferent and its not for the money its becasue we place so much work into mods now that see them stolen is like a stab to our backs from the people that we deliver our mods

alt text

this is bad rep for us the blender users too, if you know by any chance that guy Dick Facey please tell us to make him stop

till then you will only see pics and if youre on my friends list, better celebrate with a cake everyday becasue ill be cleaning it

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Man that's heavy to read in the morning. Hope things will get better.


Sad to read the lines.
I saw that you also put the K10 out. That´s quite hard, also because i donated for this truck.

Hope things will change and people stop stealing stuff.

Im sorry for donators because you been in the middle of all things that are happening right now, donators k10 mod (extendable K10) Will be uploaded soon in meantime you should check your workshop for other exclusive mods

So far this issue is on the hands of spun and friends, on the Surging Mods discord we found the guys Facebook where I contacted him, but as you guess he's plays the victim instead of taking the responsibility of his actions, he did confessed me editing the meshes and uploading them to his own workshop
I'm done dealing with this guys and I leave everything to Spun and friends

Hey guys This are the best Setups for suspension that i follow most of the time, i thought its best to share it them so you can improve your setups on crawlers or custom trucks for more realism
Link_kits_1.JPG 3linke1.jpg 2_1_22.jpg 1_78.jpg 1_76.jpg

@Forces will have to agree on content protection. (big yawn from those tired of hearing me talk 1nsane), back in the day for 1nsane when a person would create a vehicle it would "code" the file so the only person who could open it was the original creator since the coding came from that person/pc. in fact it was a neat idea, but it can be a pain though if needing someone else to check files. another nice point to it was it would code the main file, but it would leave the skin of the vehicle open and uncoded so others could still edit the skin/paint for personal visual/paint tweaks. i am not a coder so i really do not know for sure, but that game was also not an open source file. downside would be that people would not be able to personally tweak a file to get say that custom friction or gearing they want to use with that said "coded" vehicle for their personal use.

@Forces 3-links, 4-links, Rockwells.... Yummm! 😃

On turbosquid Now Click the Image to Get to it
alt text

Hey Guys, So I'm going to get right to the point and I'm not gonna go into great detail about this but as you might have noticed I have completely removed everything from my workshop (removed as in not even shared with friends) and the reasoning is not just because of the recent mod stealing but mostly because I have left the F19 team for personal reasons....Just thought id officially let everyone know.

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@SmarOneNine interesting to hear, but people need to do what they need to do. best wishes and luck on your situation. will always be a spot in the community for ya brother. 😘

@8up-local Thanks 8 but I'm not leaving the community or the game just the team so ill be around doing my own thing....and hey Not sure how I feel about the blowing of a kiss lol.

it was a pleasure having you in the team, and despite not being part of it the name of the team wont be changed any soon or problably it wont be changed at all because it would be like forgeting the past and thats something you just cant do

@Mexican_420 check you mesh xml maybe youre missing something

<CombineXMesh Type="wheel">
<WheelMesh RubberRadius="0.25451" />


they mirror good, but once i delete the Mesh Loader Type it doesnt mirrors at all it loads the same wheel on both sides

Updates on the Patrol

Starting doing the Custom version (6in lift,40in Baja Claws and Swampers)
Imagen2.jpg Imagen1.jpg

next stop Cummins 6bt swap!

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