Sad to say guys but this is the end off the road 😞

so I broked the bank bought the new card a amd Shaphire RX 560 2gb oc edition and when I plugged into my pc it didnt even booted the post screen , so I plugged my old gts 450 back and made a backup of all my files to another hdd and deleted the nvidia drivers and again installed the new gpu...still this point you would have searched for any compatibility issues, but i had no internet when that happened, so I called the seller and he told me to update my bios to latest and so i did (i had the file in my pc ready to go)
after the update it didnt even posted with no peripherals, i have been up all night triying anything , with no luck

at this point im calling this a brick or paperweight, and with no money left to buy another mobo, not even by selling the or returning the new gpu and the older in exchange for cash usd to get a used or new mobo for a 1155 i5 😞

im taking suggestion guys, this is the only way i can get money for my house

Board DH67BL broken bios 163 and i cant seem to find any older version or recovery bios for this bios

I tried the methods sugested by intel too

@Forces sad to hear mate, im sure you will get it up and running again.. Sorry to hear mate. 😔


May I ask where you are buying all of these cards that keep dying on you?

Decades of field experience would tell me that it's not likely the cards that are dying, but something else. There are a lot of things that could be causing it not to post, but without a reliable realtime connection to Forces, it could be hard to pin down.
I'd start by gutting the box, then reconnecting ONLY the necessities (1 stick of ram, boot drive only, video card if the mobo doesn't have onboard video) and resetting the BIOS settings to defaults. Then, if it posts, add components one at a time until you can reproduce the problem.

@RiskyWisky its not a bad GPU , my gts 450 its a 2011 model

@Mexican_420 I tried that, it doesnt post even with just the CPU RAM and in recovery mode, still nothing

A friend from Oovee sent me some files, right now im going to my family house with my laptop to see whats can i figure there

Sorry if this seems like I'm insulting your intelligence, but just in case it's something you may not have tried already... Pulled from the manual for the mainboard you specified above.
Also sorry about the gigantic images, but I wanted to make sure the relevant details were shown.
Screenshot_20190617-085412_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
Screenshot_20190617-085449_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

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Huge thanksto you guys for the help and specially to @RcBuzz for helping me get a new board, asus H61m-C and also helping me install it lol, first ever board change!. Now im back up and running....but with driver issues, wich im solving atm

more updates soon

Thank goodness! I think people were getting a little worried.

Thank goodness mate, hope to hit some trails again soon! 🙂 @Forces

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Back on tracks and allot has been done in the past 5 days

New Landys Both Stock..ish, and the Custom 007 Spectre (I havent added the lift) yet but its fitting right on spot the trepador tires

Wow! , I've been out of pocket for about a month and it looks like things have been crazy here.

@Forces, I hate to hear of all the trouble you have had with your PC and super glad you are back up and running, sorry I wasn't around to help out. Please know that if you ever need my help in the future just email me so I'll get a notification on my phone.😉

some small updates on the Landy
addons both 007 like and overland like
Imagen2.jpg Imagen1.jpg

Yeah, I used my older D90 as base model

@Forces did you used subsurf modifier to get those perfect rounded shapes? like the roof corners and the side line? and also the mudguards.

That Land Rover is looking awesome, I love the roof rack/bar work.

@deathcoreboy1 nah, I make then manually, i don't trust subD or three multi resolution modifiers
I smoothed the shading and added loop cuts to harden the edges (Andrew's anvil tutorial part 3 to 4)
I want to learn hard surface modeling but right now that will kill my modeling basics , so I gotta start easy and move forward till I get to do cars , I'm thinking in teaching my brother blender and at the same time learn hard surface modeling

Soo, i got tired of being the Trail Blockade all the time with my old but still good Willis MB so i did the the most logical thing to it...SuperTwinTurbo Charge it....

With that intro let me Present you all this 4 July release! to all my american friends, its not rushed in fact i used to make weekly mods back when F19 started just me and @smaronenine filling the Workshop with nice quality content made in 1 1/2weeks lol
When you work a know base model you can achieve really good results in almost no time so taking the base model of my MB gpv I re did the whole body in 2 hours and started the engine bay taking the LF engine and Gearbox of my K10 this jeep is nearly done, the axles (made to stand the torque from the engine) are Dinatrac Axles rolling on the same Size 38in but now TSL SS tires and a 1in lift more from its 2in lift (yeah its only 2 inches taller from the IRL MB) also changed some parts with better modeled ones from my collection like the winch,seats,bateries,rims,shocks etc
p.d the 5 of july is Venezuela Independece Day

the intercooler is a mock up to see if it can fit in the bay lol it will be modeled better

Imagen4.jpg Imagen3.jpg Imagen2.jpg Imagen1.jpg

and Updates on the landy, the stock model is now in game, working now the Custom models textures